The Straightforward Argument Behind Ron Desantis Candidacy For President In 2024
The Straightforward Argument Behind Ron Desantis Candidacy For President In 2024

The Straightforward Argument Behind Ron Desantis Candidacy For President In 2024

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida has been quiet about his plans for the future of his political career in the week since he easily won reelection.

He hasn’t been forced to deal with that. The widespread belief is that DeSantis is mulling around a presidential run, which he would launch by capitalising on the momentum acquired by his decisive victory in Florida as a launching pad for a national campaign. Donald Trump is also keeping a close eye on the situation.

On election day, Donald Trump was quoted as saying, “I would tell you stuff about him that won’t be very favourable. I know more about him than anybody, other than perhaps his wife.”

On Monday, Trump’s daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, voiced her agreement with those statements. She stated, “I can tell you, those primaries can get very dirty and raw.” Therefore, would it not be better for him, and I believe he is aware of this fact, to wait until 2028?”

There is a straightforward rationale behind why DeSantis shouldn’t wait until at least 2028 to begin a bid for the White House, although the Trump wing of the party is pushing for him to do so. Timing is everything. Timing is everything when it comes to politics. This is a fact, as demonstrated by history.

When Barack Obama declared that he would run for president less than two years after being elected to the Senate, many people were sceptical of his decision. They insisted that he hadn’t taken the necessary time to earn the right to run for president.

These doubters have not disappeared from the scene. But Obama was utterly unfazed by the idea that he was too inexperienced for a national campaign; in fact, it was something that attracted some voters, and it was a factor that helped him win the election.

Even though Hillary Clinton was widely considered the odds-on favourite to win the Democratic nominee for president in 2008, Barack Obama was aware that the timing was optimal. The timing was crucial.

On the other hand, one could consider the former Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie. In 2012, when Republicans were concerned that they didn’t have a candidate who could defeat Obama, he was heavily courted to run for president as a candidate for their party.

In the end, Christie chose to withdraw from the race. In October 2011, Christie stated, “Now is not the time for me.” “I commit the state of New Jersey that I simply cannot back out of at this time.” In the end, Christie did make a bid for the presidency, but it wasn’t until 2016. And it didn’t go well. After a terrible sixth-place finish, he bowed out of the competition.

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