Robyn Griggs Died at 49, Know the Cause of Death
Robyn Griggs Died at 49, Know the Cause of Death

Robyn Griggs Died at 49, Know the Cause of Death


Robyn Griggs, who was in “Another World,” has died at age 49, her publicist Lisa Rodrigo tells USA TODAY.

The news that Robyn Griggs died was announced on her official Facebook page on Saturday.

“With a heavy heart, I’m sorry to say that Robyn has died,” the post said, though it wasn’t clear who had written it. “But she is no longer in pain, and she would want us to remember that and the good times we had with her.”

The rest of the statement: “I will never forget how willing she was to tell her story and how okay she was with me helping her. She wanted to help people, so she told her story to get the word out. I felt privileged to do it. Rest in peace, my friend. I will miss you and think of you with a smile.”

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Robyn Griggs  Early Life

Robyn Griggs was born in Tunkhannock, Pa., on April 30, 1973. She played Molly in the stage production of Annie when she was a young actress, and from 1986 to 1988, she hosted the Nickelodeon programme Rated K: For Kids by Kids, where young viewers discussed movies.

Between 1991 and 1992, Griggs appeared in six episodes of One Life to Live as Stephanie Hobart. She received a nomination for a Young Artist Award for her work. The following year, she joined the cast of Another World as Maggie Cory, but in 1995, she was abruptly let go from the role.Despite the soap’s producers saying they were restructuring the show, Griggs claimed they sacked her because of her connection to prominent tabloid figure John Wayne Bobbit. After all, according to Griggs, they were simply pals.

After that, Griggs stopped acting for a while. He came back to it in 2003 and mostly did independent horror movies like Zombiegeddon and Dr. Horror’s Erotic House of Idiots. Her last movie was Joey Hollywood’s Movie Night 2, which came out in 2015.

Robyn Griggs’s career and life story

Robyn was contacted by an agency in New York City, which was the start of her TV career. She started out in a few TV commercials, then moved on to theatre work all over the US. When she was only 13, she got the role of “Annie” in off-Broadway shows. She even was the host of the Nickelodeon show “Rated K.”

  • Robyn Griggs made her acting debut in a production of A Doll’s House when she was only three years old.
  • Robyn took singing and dancing lessons at school to get experience working on stage.
  • Robyn went to New York when she was in high school to try out for a part in the Broadway production of Annie.

Robyn Griggs Caused Of Death

According to Deadline, the actor had talked about being diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2020. She just found out last month that she had four new tumours. The article says that she was in hospice care when she died.

The actress is best known for her roles in the soap operas Another World and One Life to Live. She has also appeared in the movies Severe Injuries, Dead Clowns, The Absence of Light, and Hellweek.

What Are Reactions To Robyn Griggs Died?

Shortly after the news started to get around, a number of fans went on Twitter to remember the star.Robyn Griggs died in August 2022 Photo: Robyn Griggs Wiley/Instagram

One user said, “Ray Liotta, Anne Heche, and Robyn Griggs, our beloved #AnotherWorld cast, so much pain, suffering, and loss… Have had so much fun with you all over the years.”

“Fly with the angels,” said another. Robyn Griggs Riley, you are such a strong, kind, beautiful soul. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family.”

A third person wrote, “RIP Robyn Griggs.” You’ll always be missed in the world of soaps. Gone too soon.”



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