Ricky Martin's Attorney Denies Claims Abusing His Nephew
Ricky Martin's Attorney Denies Claims Abusing His Nephew

Ricky Martin’s Attorney Denies Claims Abusing His Nephew

Accusations that singer Ricky Martin denies abusing his nephew are “not only untrue,” but also “disgusting,” according to the singer’s attorney.

On July 2, Martin was issued a restraining order for domestic violence in Puerto Rico. A Spanish news site reported on Friday that Eric Martin, the singer’s younger brother, had identified the alleged victim as Martin’s nephew, who is 21 years old. According to attorney Martin Singer, Martin’s nephew is “struggling with deep mental health challenges.” Martin Singer says.

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It’s clear that “Ricky Martin has never had a se*ual or romantic relationship with his nephew,” Singer said in an interview. In addition to being false, this idea is disgusting. Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please help this man! In addition, we are eagerly awaiting the dismissal of this terrible case once a judge has a chance to review the evidence.

When the restraining order was introduced on July 2, the petitioner had not been identified. Puerto Rican outlet El Vocero mentioned that the action was reportedly from someone Martin had tried to date for seven months. At the time, the applicant said that Martin had denied the tear and was seen them near their home recently.

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Martin is due in court on July 21, according to reports where a judge will decide whether the protection order should remain unchanged or be ended.

The singer is currently facing other legal troubles, with his former manager suing him for $3 million, claiming that he owes her unpaid commissions.

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