Rick And Morty Season 6 Episode 8
Rick And Morty Season 6 Episode 8

Rick And Morty Season 6 Episode 8 Review: Where To Watch It Online for Free?

Rick And Morty Season 6 Episode 8 Review: We have all finally received Rick and Morty’s return after several weeks of waiting. In this fresh batch, we’ve already had a meta episode. Does that imply a return to the original Rick and Morty stories? We’ll learn this evening. Consider this your guide for finding a free stream of Rick and Morty Season 6, Episode 8.

Rick And Morty Season 6 Episode 8 Review

The beginning of “Analyze Piss,” with Rick whining about having to battle too many “nineties-style, silly supervillains,” was a little concerning given that it followed another of those hyper-meta snoozefest episodes. Even while Rick’s response, “I’m not the fucking Tick,” made me giggle, Morty’s suggestion that Rick might want to look into why so many of these silly supervillains kept pursuing him merely felt like a potential setup for another extremely self-aware adventure.

Fortunately, the setup is a bit of a misdirect; Rick never quite comes up with a convincing explanation for why he attracts 90s villains, and “Analyze Piss” turns out to be a much more interesting, humorous, and emotional journey for him. There is also a lot of great stuff for Jerry and, yes, a lot of piss.

Even though the cold open teases us for an episode involving absurd supervillains, once the Pissmaster (Will Forte) arrives, we don’t get to meet many more of them. It doesn’t get much more ridiculous than the Pissmaster in the best Rick and Morty episodes, which use it to delve deeply into a facet of human nature.

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He’s a guy who breathes piss (which, presumably, he enjoys), flies around on piss jets, and shoots streams of piss at people, but he’s also a storytelling tool for examining how Rick handles conflicts, the erratic nature of social media, the thin line between heroism and villainy, and, yeah, even that tired old chestnut, the meaning of life.

It’s excellent character development for Rick, who genuinely seems like he’s maturing on an emotional level and is eventually compelled to acknowledge that there are people and things that he cares about. The return of Dr. Wong, played by the brilliant Susan Sarandon, aids in this process. It’s encouraging to see that Rick has been meeting with a therapist and occasionally really following her advice.

When Rick discovers the Pissmaster dead by suicide, it is a tribute to both the text and the art that he actually feels like a tragic, human figure. We can also see how much it impacts Rick when he learns that Pissmaster has an estranged daughter. However, because it’s an episode about pee, the episode is aware that it’s treading carefully and can’t afford to employ as much pathos as it has in the past. It does include a particularly heartbreaking scene, but it also manages to deliver some of the season’s biggest chuckles.

Rick And Morty Season 6 Episode 8
Rick And Morty Season 6 Episode 8

It depends on how hilarious you find piss jokes to be, but I found them to be really funny, so I laughed a lot. The concept of a man flying around dousing everything in poop is amusing in and of itself, but there are also puns involving poop, such as “heat-seeking missiles” and a version of the song “Y’all ready for this” where the word “this” is changed to another word that I won’t reveal here.

There are a lot of funny non-piss gags as well, such as much of Jerry’s subplot (which serves as another excellent tale misdirect). My favorite one is when Jezebel offers a cash reward for proof that Jerry is a nasty guy—there it’s the highest honor! A joke involving a housefly in Dr. Wong’s office that appears early in the episode and has a brilliant payoff deserves special note as well.

Where Can I Watch Rick and Morty Season 6 Online for Free?

We are aware that you don’t want to be spoiled, and watching live is the only way to prevent this from happening. The greatest options for you, if that’s the route you choose to take, are cable and live TV skinny bundles. Simply switch to Cartoon Network on Sunday, November 27 at or before 11/10c if you still have cable. If you plan to be gone from your television, you can even watch live on cable.

You can watch from anywhere by using the A*dult Swim app, which is accessible on iOS, Android, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV. You’re ready to go after entering your cable account and password. What about everyone who cuts their cable? Not an issue. A*dult Swim is included alongside Cartoon Network on Sling TV, DirectTV Stream, Hulu + Live TV, and YouTube TV.

If none of those solutions work for you, you’ll have to rely on the A*dult Swim website. Episodes 2 through 6 of this season can currently be viewed for free online. Both “Solaricks” and “Full Meta Jackrick” are password-protected at the moment. In the upcoming weeks, there’s a potential that A*dult Swim will make these more recent episodes available; they’ve done it previously. However, it appears doubtful.

The Rick and Morty marathon is the last remaining free opportunity to view Rick and Morty Season 6, Episode 8. You might be able to watch all the new episodes this season if you carefully schedule your viewing time. Included in there is “Analyze Piss.”

Is Rick and Morty on Hulu?

Yes, but not in the desired season. Since the first five seasons of Rick and Morty are now available on Hulu, Season 6 is anticipated to follow. However, it will probably be a while before that addition takes place. Since it airs on A*dult Swim, Rick and Morty is essentially a cable program.

Cable series frequently enter a streaming ban period after their final episode airs unless other arrangements have been made. These seasons can be streamed on streaming sites once the blackout period is over, which normally occurs in six to nine months. So while Season 6 will eventually be available on Hulu, it will take some time.

Without exceptions, what are the rules? Starting on Sunday, November 27, you may watch Rick and Morty if you have Hulu + Live TV. That’s because the live TV component of that equation includes Rick and Morty.

Is Rick and Morty on HBO Max?

Yes, but Season 6 won’t be available on the streaming service for a time. HBO Max follows the same guidelines as Hulu even though they have the same parent corporation.

When Will Rick and Morty Season 6, Episode 9 Premiere?

We’re finally returning to a weekly release schedule after all this time. A*dult Swim will air the Season 6 debut of Rick and Morty on Sunday, December 4.

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