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Republican Party Emerging As Favorites In Poll As Biden Administration Gets Caught Amongst Criticism

The Polls conducted by leading newspapers ahead of the mid-term elections do not give much away for the democrats to cheer about. Their slim majority in the senate is now exposed to greater risk.

The Democrats have certain cracks in the party post the passing of the Economic Restructuring bill, where a lot had to be glued to come to a constructive decision.
The rising inflation and falling job prospects show no glimmering hope under the present administration, this has led to a 12% point decrease in job approval of the President. A huge chunk of Americans, i.e. 62% believe that the ruling party is not in touch with the problems faced by an average citizen.

Although the stat for the Republic is not pleasing either, it comes at around 58%. However, Democrats through their recent policy decision seem to have struck a chord with the people, especially the recently passed $1 Trillion Infrastructure Bill and the $2 Trillion Social Spending Bill, which is yet to reach a positive conclusion.

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As per the 110 ABC/Washington Post Polls, if the elections were to go in the direction of the polls, the Republicans would be the victors with 51% of the votes falling in their kitty, while 41% would go with the Democrats. This is the largest margin lead they have had over their counterpart in over 4 decades.

Biden’s personal approval rating had taken a hit due to the surge of the coronavirus and its delta variant, to be followed by inflation, which came out to be higher than predicted. Around the spring 62% of Americans approved of his job performance, and post the hurdles they fell to around 41%.

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