Reliacard Tracker: Basic Operational Principles, App Details And More


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The ReliaCard is a reloadable prepaid debit card provided by a bank in the United States. You may receive electronic payments from government entities using the US Bank ReliaCard cash application. Although it isn’t a credit card, it operates similarly.

The program is simply downloaded on Android or iOS smartphones. Learn how to download and update the Cash app, how to transfer dollars using the cash app, and how to follow your card’s status.

US Bank ReliaCard App Details

App Name U.S. Bank RealiaCard
Size Varies with Devices
Requires Android 5.0 and up
iOS Required 9.0 or later
Category Finance
Reviews Mostly Positive
Rating 4.0+


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App For US Bank Reliacard Download?

We need that your login. To do this, go to the official US Reliacard website by clicking here.

Sign up for a new account by clicking on this link. An ID and password will be sent to you. You may access your Reliacard account in the United States using these credentials.

Reliacard app for us bank
Mobile app and cardholder website users may swap their credentials.

Alternatively, you may access this application’s Login page. You may activate your new card at the bottom of this page. Set up online access by clicking the “Setup Online Access” button.

App For Us Bank Reliacard Download?
App For Us Bank Reliacard Download?

If You’re Using An Android Device:-

Search “US Bank Reliacard” in the app store on your mobile device. Select the most suitable result and then click the ‘Install’ button to begin the installation process. Be wary of phony applications.

That Is, What Qualities Are You Looking For?

In terms of money transfers, the US Reliacard is an excellent program.

  • Simply log in, and you’ll see your balance, as well as any transactions you’ve made.
  • Other information about the transfer, such as the date, the total amount, and a description, are also available.
  • It is possible to set up and manage text notifications.
  • Your ZIP code will determine which ATM bank is closest to you.
  • You may log in to your account on your mobile device using the same password.
  • Customer-centric and privacy-compliant, these services are absolutely safe for consumers to utilize.

One Of The Most Convenient Aspects Of Monitoring Your Account Balance Is That You May Do So At Any Time, From Almost Anywhere.

Use the online method to do a verification.

  • Look via the mobile app – Look for the US Bank Reliacard app on Google Play
  • Inquiry choices are available at every ATM.
  • To keep track of your account balance, you may sign up to get SMS or email notifications.
    Cardholder assistance may be reached by dialing 8665678590.

How To Transfer Money From The Reliacard?

You must first ensure that your application permits you to transfer money from your card to your bank account. The cardholder’s website is where you should go. Click on the ‘Transferring Fund’ option in the top left-hand corner of this page.

Fill in all the information requested. After that, you will be able to make transfers of monies between your accounts. A record of these transfers will appear on your monthly account statement and transaction history.

The Reliacard App’s Basic Operational Principles

To get started, you’ll need to add funds to your credit card account. There are a variety of ways you may make purchases online, pay your bills over the internet, email, or phone to place an order.

You may obtain your money back at ATMs, as well as cashback from eligible retailers, at ATMs. The money for the purchases or other payments will be deducted automatically from your bank account.

How Can I Maintain Track Of My Account’s Cash And Other Activity?

In order to keep track of your ReliaCard activities and whether or not funds are available, you need to sign up for email or text3 notifications.

You can receive alerts about:
• Funds added to your account
• Low balance
• Pre-authorizations
• Purchase transactions

Can Anyone Else View Or Track My Transactions?

United States Bank does not provide card account numbers or transaction data to third parties for security reasons. Your government agency, on the other hand, has access to the amount and date of each deposit for the purpose of reconciling the accounts.

How To Check ReliaCard Status?

If you want to monitor the status of your card order, go to the card-order-status-tracker URL provided.

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