Rapper Nicki Minaj Announces That The White House Invited Her To Speak About COVID-19 After Posting A Twitter That Went Viral

Rapper Nicki Minaj Announces That The White House Invited Her To Speak About COVID-19 After Posting A Twitter That Went Viral

Nicki Minaj said Monday that following her controversial tweets about coronavirus vaccines and her highly controversial side effects, she was invited to the White House to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic.

“My cousin in Trinidad will not get vaccinated because his friend put it on and became impotent. His testicles swelled. His friend was weeks away from getting married, and now the girl canceled the wedding. So pray and make sure you are comfortable with your decision. , not intimidated, “said the singer through Twitter, after lamenting the requirement of vaccines to attend the Met Gala.

Since then, her posts have been controversial and have been the subject of much ridicule from her followers. However, Minaj has not retracted at any time for defending her claims. She even claimed that her cousin’s friend is available for interviews at the right price in response to invitations from people including a range of media personalities, including Fox News’ Tucker Carlson and Jimmy Kimmel.

Minaj posted a Tweet on Wednesday at 5:12 pm, in which she accepted an invitation to discuss her point of view on vaccines at the White House: “The White House has invited me, and I think it is a step in the right direction. Yes, I’m going. I’ll dress up in pink as Legally Blonde, so you know I’m serious. I’ll ask questions on behalf of people who have been made fun of simply for being human. #BallGate day 3. “

The media is not clear if the multiplatinum artist is only joking about her invitation to the White House due to her cheerful tone with fans on Social Networks. Newsweek reporters reached out to the star’s publicists and the White House press office to ask if they had any comments on the matter but received no response.

Following her first Tweet, a follower of the singer @thatshadybarb wrote: “If you don’t do this, I will never forgive you!” And Minaj replied, “I’m doing it, babe. If you have questions that you would like me to ask you, leave them in the comments. You will see it in real-time with complete transparency.”

When Minaj first tweeted about an invitation from the White House in response to a fan, Twitter user @IsntDaveOne wrote to her: “The United Nations must invite her to speak at the General Assembly immediately,” followed by microscope, heart, praying hands, and checkmark emojis.

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Final words

In her first tweet in which the singer dared to speak about the COVID-19 vaccine, the singer revealed that she is not vaccinated and said: “They want you to get vaccinated to go to the Met. If I get vaccinated, it won’t be because the Met wants it. It will be once I feel like I’ve done enough research. I am working on it now. In the meantime, my loves, stay safe. Wear the mask with two strands that grip your head and face. “

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