Rapper Ice-T Criticizes The Gang Culture In Los Angeles And Calls The City A “Dangerous Place”


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Ice-T was probably talking about the recent shooting and death of rapper PnB Rock in a LA robbery. On Wednesday, rapper Ice-T highlighted the gang culture of Los Angeles on his Twitter account. He referred to the California city as a “hazardous place,” saying that it is even unsafe for celebrities.

The actor from “Law & Order: SVU” connected the lack of jewelry worn by Los Angeles hip-hop musicians and the escalating crime rate in the city.

The rapper started his monologue by saying, “People are still hitting me up about my statements on LA Gang culture.” “If you NOTICE, Los Angeles rappers don’t wear much jewelry… Me, Snoop, Cube, Dre, Game, and Kendrick,” he said. “It’s just not our thing.”

“The list could go on… It’s not because we don’t have enough money. Even if you’re not a rapper, Los Angeles is still a dangerous place to live. Why put yourself in harm’s way? “According to Ice-T.

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Ice-T admitted that specific hip-hop musicians wear jewelry. Still, he claimed that most of them only put on pricey accessories for “particular times,” owing to the risk of having them stolen.

“When certain conditions are met, such as when you are prepared for anything… I also have Very Large Jewelry… You don’t get up EVERY morning and put everything on to walk around the block, do you? “The rapper offered his explanation. “Los Angeles… Home of the Bodybag…” Somebody mentioned that 30 yrs ago… “he added.

Ice-remarks T’s most likely made reference to the death of fellow rapper PnB Rock, who passed away on Monday after being shot during a heist in Los Angeles. When the suspect ran away from the scene, it was alleged that the performer, who was 30 years old, had his jewelry stolen from him.

As the number of violent crimes in Los Angeles continues to rise, the passing of PnB Rock is one of the most recent in the city.

When asked about the level of safety in Los Angeles during a debate, Karen Bass, a congressman from Los Angeles, responded with a “10 out of 10.” The Democratic candidate for mayor of Los Angeles, who is also running for governor of California, revealed afterward that a burglar recently broke into her home.

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Sam Houston
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