Ranboo's Net Worth

How Much Is Ranboo’s Net Worth? All Updates 2022!

As of late, Ranboo, a Minecraft broadcaster, and YouTuber have seen his following soar. Other Minecraft content developers such as TommyInnit and Tubbo and Dream SMP server members TommyInnit and Tubbo are among their buddies. His character on the Dream SMP server has been acclaimed for his well-developed roleplay and tale.

A Twitch record was set when Ranboo broadcast a 10-hour charity feed that attracted more than 100,000 paying members in one month. On another broadcast, he had a hype train percentage of 100,529 percent. As a result of facial dysmorphia, he always wears sunglasses and a black-and-white mask when he appears on television. New York Times Square has exhibited billboards of Ranboo’s Minecraft character.

Ranboo’s Career

On the 30th of January, 2020, Ranboo opened his Twitch account. Despite just joining the streaming community a few months ago, the streamer has already climbed to the sixth most-watched English Variety channel on all platforms.

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On Twitch in February 2021, he reached 100k subscribers by hosting a charity substation broadcast and subsequently broke multiple subscriber records in the process. A surge in his popularity occurred when Dream SMP players raided him on live and then offered him to join their server.

This streamer presently has over 3.3 million followers on his primary Twitch channel. 382k followers and an average of 65k viewers each broadcast are on his second channel, which he uses for “relax” streaming.

Ranboo YouTube Career

His YouTube channel was launched on the 30th of January, 2020, the same day as his Twitch account. Later that year, on September 12th, he sent out a tweet to every one of his 100 new subscribers to congratulate them on their achievement.

Ranboo now has just under 3 million followers on the network, with 43 million views on his 24 total videos. His subscription count and the number of views are increasing at an exponential rate. His current position is 2082 in the Entertainment section of the site.

For his Twitch broadcasts, Ranboo began uploading VODs to a second YouTube channel named “RanbooLive” in the beginning of January 2021. The channel presently has 43.7k subscribers, despite not having any videos.

Ranboo’s Net Worth

As of 2022, Ranboo’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million. Information about the Minecraft broadcaster and YouTuber’s sponsorship arrangements is scarce, although he makes a lot of money through his broadcasts.

As part of a recent collaboration with Youtooz, he launched a plush collection and staged a giveaway for his fans. Ranboo’s Minecraft figure has also appeared on LED billboards in metropolitan regions. Two Twitch accounts from which he broadcasts live, and two YouTube channels are also part of his online presence.

Making Money From YouTube

Over the following several months, Ranboo’s channel’s subscriber count will alter substantially. On a monthly basis, his primary YouTube channel is bringing him $8.7 to $10.3k, while his annual revenue is expected to be between $104.4 and $123.6k from the channel. He should expect a significant rise in salary in the following months as word of his fame spreads. RanbooLive, his other YouTube channel, is now dormant.

Earnings From Streaming On Twitch

For the most part, Ranboo’s revenue comes from his primary Twitch channel, RanbooLive. His annual revenue would consequently be between $1.94 million and $2.1 million, assuming all of his members are Tier-1 (the cheapest, $5). However, not all of his subscribers are in the lowest tier, therefore the true number is likely to be far higher. As well as being paid for his work, he also receives a portion of the money donated to him by his fans.

Ranboo Personal life

Ranboo also likes playing piano-based instruments in addition to generating content and broadcasting videos on social media sites. Spending time with friends and family is also a big part of his life. Wearing a mask, sunglasses, and gloves while filming his films, he has yet to expose his identity on the internet.


  • Many foreign nations have been on his trip bucket list; among them is England.
  • Additionally, he’s cooperated with Youtooz and released his own plushies. Each of the plushies on the page was snapped up quickly, as he always does.
  • 438k people have joined his discord server.
  • He doesn’t have any tattoos on his body at all.
  • Over 10 million people have seen “Ranboo bakes a cake (1 MILLION Subscriber special)” on
  • YouTube, which is his most popular video.
  • On Twitch, he broadcasts almost every day.
  • [email protected][dot]com is his business email.
  • His Twitter account, which he joined in January of this year, has over 2.3 million followers, with 3.1 thousand tweets to his credit.
  • His Instagram account has more than 1.8 million followers.

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