Property Brothers Wife Dies
Property Brothers Wife Dies

Property Brothers Wife Death: Does Anyone Has Bad Health Issues?

Canadian real estate team The Property Brothers are well known for their work there. They’re well-known in the community for their skill in restoring run-down properties and turning them into dream homes for residents. They are notable for their ability to operate on a tight budget. The property brothers, as their name implies, are blood relatives. Jonathan and Drew Scott are, in fact, identical twins. Here you will read about the Property brothers wife death and other related details.

As a result, he has a reputation for identifying properties that are gems in the rough. The death of the wife of a property owner’s brother has been widely reported in the media recently. This sounds too good to be true. Find out by reading on.

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Property Brothers Wife Death

Property Brothers Wife
Property Brothers Wife

The death of one of the property brothers’ wives was widely reported. Do you believe this to be true?

That isn’t correct. There was no evidence to suggest that one of the Scott brothers’ business partners had passed away. It all started with a picture of Jonathan Scott and his wife Annalee on Instagram that sparked the rumor.

A family tragedy had befallen Jonathan’s wife: the death of her paternal grandfather. They shared their grief in a lengthy Instagram post. She even emphasized how her grandfather had been a pillar in the foundation of her family.

Annalee Scott, Jonathan’s Wife

When it came time for Annalee’s grandfather to get married, he nevertheless flew to Nevada despite his deteriorating health. She ended her post by noting how much she would miss her grandfather.

According to the rumor mill, this was the post that started the speculation about the death of one of the property brothers’ wives. As you can see, however, this is not the situation at this time.

Have Any Of The Members Of The Property Brothers Had Any Mishaps Or Health Issues?

Jonathan made a life-threatening condition public in August of this year. He revealed that he had been ill for well over a year before opening up about it. His physicians couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him for a while. Excruciating sun sensitivity and heart problems were among Jonathan’s symptoms.

At one point, he felt he was having a heart attack because the pain was so excruciating. Jonathan’s new normal was to spend days and days in bed. Fortunately, Jonathan was able to recover thanks to a hearty dose of antibiotics and a rigorous diet.

Drew Scott’s Dating and Relationship History

Linda Phan, a barista at Toronto Fashion Week in 2010, married Drew Scott in 2011. Toronto native Linda is of Chinese descent. Her first job was working for Scott Brothers Entertainment, the company that Drew and his brothers owned.

As of right now, Linda Phan serves as the company’s creative director. It was 2014 when the couple initially moved in together, and 2018 when they got married. A television show called Linda and Drew Say I Do was made by HGTV to commemorate their nuptials.

After the wedding, they started hunting for a new home in Los Angeles. A special episode of Property Brothers, titled Drew’s Honeymoon House, focused on the couple’s house renovations. Drew had kept quiet about his previous relationships until he met Linda, his current wife. With her husband, Drew Scott, she is now the host of the podcast At Home With Linda. Jonathan, Drew’s twin brother, is a frequent guest on the show.

The couple interviews famous people. Allison Janney and David Hasselhoff were two of the most prominent attendees at the event.

Who Has Dated Whom In Jonathan Scott’s Life?

If Jonathan Scott Property’s brother’s wife, Jonathan Scott, dies, the following question must be addressed. Zooey Deschanel is currently dating Jonathan Scott, one of the stars of Property Brothers.

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When Jonathan and his twin Drew and Deschanel and her sister Emily did a sibling episode on Carpool Karaoke with James Corden, they met. Jonathan and Zooey acknowledged their relationship not long after Zooey announced her divorce from her ex-husband. Before meeting Zooey, Jonathan was already married.

It wasn’t until the second season of Property Brothers that he married Kelsey Ully. At the time, few people had heard of them. During Jonathan’s early twenties, he met his ex-wife.

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