Prison School Season 2 Release Date, Renewal Status and More


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People in Japan love anime shows more than anything else in the world. “Primary school” might be something I can remember. Similar to that, this anime arrangement was a hit. From 425,717 votes, it got a good rating of 7.68/10. People loved the show’s story and how it looked. Some people want to see Prison School come back.

This is how it worked: J.C studio planned and made Prison School. After it was made in 2015, people began to share it online. All twelve episodes make up the whole show. The fans have been waiting impatiently for it to be recharged for a long time now after it was hit by something.

Prison School Season 1: Overview

Prison School Season 2

In the first season of Hachimitsu School, we saw that the school’s rules changed when they let men come. This year, only five men will be able to join in the first year of the program. Those lads were naughty. They tried to get near the girls, even peeking into the girls’ toilet.

In fact, they can’t do anything because the USC says they can’t (Underground School Council). In the event that they are caught, they have two options: apologize or plead guilty. They can spend a month in an internal jail or be thrown out. As a result, they are sent to prison as soon as possible.

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Prison School Season 2: Renewal Status & Release Date

Things to note: J.C.Staff, the studio that makes the show, hasn’t said anything about renewing or canceling the show. As of right now, the status is unknown. But there’s a good chance there will be a second season because the show is very popular and there is still a lot of stories to tell.

The first season came to an end in September of 2015, but it didn’t cover everything in the manga. When the 28th chapter came out on April 6, 2018, that was the date. In other words, there is a story to tell, but it’s been 6 years now, and it’s possible that J.C.Staff has given up on the project.

A mystery and horror author asked Tsutomu Mizushima, the director of Prison School and SHIROBAKO, on Twitter if there was going to be a second season of the show. Mizushima said:

“Thanks for watching every episode since SHIROBAKO!” What do you think of the 2nd Season? I don’t know! I want to, but… “sorry face emoji.”

In 2015, this conversation took place. A lot has changed since then, so things could be very different now.

Since the show hasn’t been renewed, there isn’t yet a date for its next episode. We will keep you up to date on any new information about season 2 that we come across.

Prison School Season 2: Expected Plot

Everyone knows exactly what to expect from Prison School season 2. As a result of a new story format. The Aboveground and Underground committees were bitter enemies. Students will be confronted with a sweltering atmosphere as they enter the building. It will be challenging to adapt to new surroundings.

There is a lot to like about this series’s storyline. The top artists in the business are really interested in this series. Then it’s on to the Hachimitsu Private Academy competition. As an example, you’ll see that young women gravitate toward males who are known for their educational programs and control.

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Prison School Season 2: Expected Cast

Prison School Season 2

While there has been no official word on the future Bofuri Season, we can anticipate nearly every character returning if season 2 is truly planned to start. In addition to the majority of them returning, there are some new recurring and side roles that we may see in the upcoming season.

The play stars a number of well-known and accomplished actors, including

  • Kiyoshi is portrayed by Hiroshi Kamiya.
  • Gakuto is performed by Katsuyuki Konishi.
  • Shingo is portrayed by Kenichi Suzumura.
  • Daisuke Namikawa represents Joe.
  • Andre is presented by Kazuyuki Okitsu.
  • Meiko is portrayed by Shizuka Itô.

Where Can We Find the English Dub Of Prison School?

Outside of Japan, the show Prison School, which is based on a manga of the same name, has become a big hit. A lot of people love the anime series because it has a lot of risque scenes and funny dialogue. Before this week, the show was on for the first time in 2015.

It might be hard for people who have seen the show to find the English dubbed version. Because this anime is on Gogoanime, you can watch it there.

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