President Joe Biden All Set to Initiate a New Plan Against COVID-19


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In what has been a continuous struggle, this Thursday, as part of the implementation of new health policies, it is expected that President Joe Biden can present a new plan that will end the COVID-19 pandemic.

Current immunization statistics in the United States indicate that 75% of adults receive at least one COVID-19 vaccine. But this number of vaccinated people has not prevented the number of infected from increasing as the summer season began in the country.

Meanwhile, the mandates for the use of masks have had to be strengthened throughout the country to counteract the increase in incidents due to the spread of the virus.

Given this scenario, it is planned to implement new plans. White House spokesperson Jen Psaki has said President Joe Biden’s speech includes six new elements that he hopes will increase the number of people vaccinated across the country.

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His new plans are also focused on achieving the conditions so that children can return to the classrooms without fearing that the activation of face-to-face classes could cause an increase in cases of contagion by COVID-19.

According to USA Today, another important step included in President Biden’s planned efforts is to coordinate more federal funds to ensure the vaccinations of nursing home staff.

In the same way, it also seeks to urge private companies to establish measures that establish the vaccination of COVID-19 with a mandatory nature for all personnel and employees in general.

The adjustment of anti-covid measures must be updated and strengthened within the framework of the appearance of the new delta variant that continues to affect a large number of people.

Thus allowing the percentage of infections to continue to increase rapidly, so actions should not be made to wait any longer.

The Delta variant continues to cause a large increase in cases. The figures are truly alarming. In the United States, statistics confirm that 150,000 new cases and more than 1,000 deaths occur daily, without distinction of age, gender, race, or social status.

It is the state’s responsibility to ensure that the United States is on par with the developed countries of the world, that they have adopted all the necessary measures to guarantee the best immunization rates for their population.

Given the disparity in the United States, President Biden is expected to achieve better results through new plans.

A spokesman for the White House administration has reported that President Joe Biden’s announcements are aimed at helping more people get vaccinated, which will allow immunization numbers to increase.

He assured that it is not very clear if government measures regarding vaccination will be implemented in a mandatory way.

Govind Dhiman
Govind Dhiman
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