Post Victory In Virginia, Republicans Looking To Close It In On New Jersey

Post Victory In Virginia, Republicans Looking To Close It In On New Jersey

New Jersey’s voters got out to vote recently for electing their new Governor. The race between present Governor Phil Murphy and the Republican candidate Jack Ciattarelli is expected to be an exciting one if not a close one.

The Republican made most of the opportunity by offering a critical review of the governor’s action during Covid-19 pandemic and its management. Murphy on the other hand promised development, and also called his direction progressive.

Having no clear winner, both the candidates were seen optimistic. “We’ve sent a message to the entire nation. This is what I love about this state: Every single time it’s gone too far off track, the people of this state have pushed, pulled and prodded it right back to where it needs to be,” Ciattarelli said.

His opponent went onto say, “We’re all sorry that tonight cannot yet be the celebration we wanted it to be,” Yet was happy to add, “But when every vote is counted—and every vote will be counted—we hope to have a celebration.”

While Murphy had a more extensive campaign with more dollars to spend, Ciattarelli took a slight early lead in the polls. The latter is a former accountant and business man, involved in the state’s politics for years and has also served in the General Assembly for 7 years 2011-2018. In his previous bid to win governor in 2017, he stood second in the primary.

Jack has also been seen sharing in an interview, that he shall promote no mandates with regard to the vaccines and masks. He also voiced his views against the teaching of the ‘critical race theory’, in words, “we are not going to teach our children to feel guilty.

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Murphy has maintained a constant lead upon his opponent right until the Election Day, with both small and greater advantages. However polls shall decide the final occupant of the office.

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