The Police Sergeant's Wife Died Because No One Answered Her 911 Call, He Says
The Police Sergeant's Wife Died Because No One Answered Her 911 Call, He Says

The Police Sergeant’s Wife Died Because No One Answered Her 911 Call, He Says

In an emergency where every other course of action has failed and requires assistance, you should dial 911. But what takes place in the event that no one picks up the phone? One man is under the impression that this was the cause of the passing of his wife.

“I was pleading for assistance, but they did not come to my aid. “No one answered the phone,” says Delroy Burgess. “I tried calling back.” As he recounts the precious minutes he spent holding his wife and life partner of 35 years for the last time; tears stream down his face and cheeks.

According to his statement to News, “I watched her pass away right in front of me because she didn’t get the help she deserved.”

It took place on Halloween evening, a little before 5 o’clock. He was alarmed when his wife Rocklyn, who was 65 years old at the time, called him and told him she was having problems breathing. After that, Burgess, a Miami Gardens Police Department sergeant, immediately called his commander and raced to his home in Hollywood.

Opened the door, walked inside, and she was sitting on the couch having difficulty breathing,” he remembered. open the door, walk inside.” Immediately, he dialled 911, but according to him, no one took his plea for assistance.

The Police Sergeant's Wife Died Because No One Answered Her 911 Call, He Says
The Police Sergeant’s Wife Died Because No One Answered Her 911 Call, He Says

More News:

“At that point, I became aware that she had ceased resisting and had become completely limp. I put the phone down after it had already gone off numerous times, and then I dialled my dispatcher’s number and asked, “Can you contact the rescue for me?” My wife is completely unresponsive.'”

Burgess claims that he tried calling again, but there was still no answer this time. Sadly, his wife did not survive the accident. “When you fail your citizens in such a way, lives will be lost. “I lost my partner of 35 years,” Burgess sobs as she explains what happened.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office responded to inquiries from News and confirmed that no one answered the first 911 call they received at 4:36 p.m. According to BSO, the dispatcher tried to call back, but no one picked up the phone when they did so.

It was 4:44 when the second call to 911 was received. They confirmed that this call was also not answered by anyone. In the end, a Hollywood sergeant arrived at Burgess’ residence 14 minutes after the initial 911 call, and fire rescue personnel arrived just one minute after that.

The BSO provided this summary of its investigation into the incident.

  • The first inbound call came in at 16:36:49. The caller disconnected at 16:37:42.
  • A BSO 911 operator attempted to redial at 16:38:29. This call was not answered.
  • Based on the first hang-up, a CAD event was created at 16:39:16. A Hollywood sergeant was notified of the call at 16:40:19. A Hollywood unit was dispatched at 16:47:02 and arrived on scene at 16:50:27.
  • The second inbound call came in at 16:44:37. The caller disconnected at 16:45:01.
  • A BSO 911 operator attempted to redial at 16:45:10. This call was not answered.
  • A Fire Rescue call was created after receiving a call from Miami Gardens Police at 16:44:24. Hollywood Fire Rescue arrived at 16:51:31.

Broward Sheriff’s Office sent this statement:

The Broward Sheriff’s Office is currently reviewing the handling of the emergency calls in this incident.

“I think they need to fix the system; lives depend on it,” says Burgess.

They are reporting that dispatchers did not answer calls to 911 in the past in Broward County. They told us that it is because there is a shortage of personnel. Since June, they reported hiring 74 operators, but there are still 38 open positions according to them.

These helpful reminders for dialling 911 came from BSO and were sent to Local 10 News:

  • Only call 911 in an actual emergency. Call BSO’s non-emergency line at 954-764-HELP (4357) if your issue is not an emergency.
  • When calling 911, don’t hang up. Your call will be answered. If you hang up and call back in, your call goes to the back of the queue.
  • If your call gets disconnected or you hang up, a 911 operator will call you back.

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