Pokemon World Championship 2022 Champion Is Eduardo Cunha

Who Won Pokemon World Championship 2022?

For the year 2022, the Pokemon World Championship was won by Eduardo Cunha, who bested Guillermo Castilla Diaz, who came in second. Just now, as the weekend of Pokemon celebrations in London came to a close, he clinched victory at the finals. Here you will read about who won the Pokemon World Championship 2022, so let’s start reading.

Cunha stated, “I’m so thrilled, I don’t even know how to tell it,” in a post-game interview. He “learned how to trust” himself and improvise a winning strategy in the nick of time to seal the deal on his victory.

As he spoke, a relieved Cunha added, “I know it’s cliche but I would not have been here without all the support and help I get from everyone.”

He also took the chance to address the issue he stirred up last year after it was discovered that he had posted words on a Discord channel that many people felt to be misogynistic and toxic. Criticism of his actions, which included criticizing another Pokemon player, led to allegations that he sent poisonous direct messages (DMs) on Twitter, in which he threatened to harm himself.

Eduardo Cunha
Eduardo Cunha

Cunha seems to have been referring to this episode when he expresses gratitude to his mother for transforming him into “a much better human being than what I formerly was.” After that, he said, “[I] can stand here proud of my accomplishments despite what I may have done in the past.

Never be afraid of picking up knowledge from other people. It’s okay to ask for assistance, whether you’re stuck in Pokemon or in real life. Everyone requires assistance, and everyone is capable of improvement. He also emphasized the importance of friendships above victories, telling ambitious players to maintain in touch with people they encounter in the industry.

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