When Is The Upcoming Pokemon Go Fest Event?


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Famous characters such as Pikachu will be available in the game, and pop-rock stars and other Pokemon will appear in unique costumes during 2021. 

Pokemon-related music will also be played in the wild during the day. Pokemon-related music, including Chimecho, Cricket, and Pikachu with Pokemon-inspired hats, will be played during Wild Day.   

Pokemon Go Fest 2021 Event

Pokemon Go Fest 2021 will be the most significant event of the year for Pokemon Go fans with an entire weekend of fun, including music themes, unique research, the debut of Meloetta, a single iconic appearance in the game, and the return of the 5-star raid. 

The event will take place on 17 and 18 July, and you can participate from all over the world.   

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Pokemon Go Fest 2022 Event Release Date

Niantic announced that a new Pokemon Go Fest would take place in July 2022. The first official event in real life – of the games. After a one-year break for obvious reasons, the event will occur in 2021, which developer Niantics confirms on its official website. 

Pokemon GO Fest 2022 will be a two-day event. The Pokemon Go Fest 2022 release date is likely the weekend of July 16 and 17 or July 23 and 24.

Pokemon Go Fest Tickets

As Pokemon Go turns five this year, there are still tickets available for $4.99 per ticket for the event. You can purchase tickets to events at the Pokemon Go Store for $4.49 or an equivalent price level in your local currency, minus applicable taxes and fees. 

Unlike last year, when Pokemon Go was switched from a global format to a virtual format, the same will happen in selected cities in 2021 as in the real world. 

Without a ticket cap, players will be able to enjoy a day of massive challenges and tons of Pokemon. At the end of the main event, players worldwide will team up to compete in the Ultra Unlock in the Pokemon Go Fest 2021.   

Pokemon Go Fest Bonuses

Unlike previous editions of Go Fest and their Ultra Bonus Events, the Ultra Unlock series of events is set for this year after players have overcome several challenges in the Global Challenge Arena

Completing a certain number of these challenges will unlock bonuses that will occur during Pokemon Go Fest 2021. These bonuses are available to coaches every day.    

You will receive the medal GO FEST 2021 a few days before the event starts, but remember that you must sign up for Pokemon Go if you want to enjoy the GO Fest 2021 bonuses.    

Players who use an Android or iOS device during Pokemon Go Fest 2021 will receive bonuses and sponsorship gifts, and each of the days will have its theme; this year’s theme will be different activities that take place on each day. 

Special Music In Pokemon Go Fest

Special music by Pokemon music producer Junichi Masuda will also be played on the app during the event. Different people can enter the event with a ticket, allowing trainers to participate on each day of the event and, as a final reward, unlock a special mission for the mythical Pokemon Meloetta.   

Pokemon that are attracted to incense on Saturday will be attracted to scent during Sunday’s event. Trainers who buy Go F / 2021 tickets can use the incense habitat hours to attract rare creatures, including U20 F and U20 G, as well as a selection of Eveelution, Flareon, and Umbreon. 

Pokemon Go Fest 2021 Ticket

If you buy a Go Fest 2021 ticket, several Pokemon from Uber and Uber will also lure you to the event, perfect to complete your Pokedex.    

On Sunday, July 18, trainers can take part in raids featuring favorite fan Pokemon. 

Go Fest 2021 tickets are a third of the price of last year’s event, making it more affordable for Pokemon Go players. Last year’s $14.99 event tickets entitle players to participate in the Special Research Project events and unlock Victini. 

Buying tickets for 2021 offers more bonuses such as exclusive wild Pokemon and particular exclusive research.    

Families wanting to experience the whole Pokemon Go experience can print out kits and decorations to give their living rooms and backyards the same decoration as a live event. 

Trainers with tickets to Pokemon GO Fest 2021 will be rewarded with exclusive Meloetta shirts and avatar items when they complete the particular research project events.  

The main event will feature a music theme, extraordinary research stories, prizes, and encounters with mythical Pokemon such as Meloetta and your choice of a rock star or pop star Pikachu. 

The second day of Go Fest 2021 is dedicated to raids where the legendary Pokemon released in Pokemon Go will appear in five-star attacks, and you will earn an additional 10,000 XP with each successful charge.    

Thanks to what we have learned so far, the raid event is broken down into hours, with each hour a theme of winds, fire, frost, and thunder. The Pokemon you fight every hour will also have a glitch. 

Once released, the iconic Pokemons will be split into four groups or habitats for each hour of the day, with one of the groups rotating on the second day of Go Fest 2021 until only one is available.    

Pokemon that hatch from 7-mile-long eggs are released, and their shiny variations go live. We also know there will be many legendary Pokemon raids and a significant opportunity for more candy, with more information like chunks falling off the Niantics blog.   

Final Words

The next Pokemon Go Fest will occur in July 2022. I hope you like this post. Stay tuned with us for more news on the upcoming events.

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