What Does Poggers Mean On Social Media? Meaning Of Pogchamp Explained


“What do Poggers and Pogchamp mean?” wonders video streaming site fans. We investigate the origins and meaning of the phrase!

Pogs are the first thing that springs to mind, right? The small milk caps that you used to play with as a kid, in which you were the Pogger. That isn’t even close to the new-fangled definitions of the names Poggers and Pochamp.

The phrase is most commonly encountered on video-sharing platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and Twitch for reasons that will be explained momentarily. Though it is now often used in memes and casual conversations.

So, what exactly are Poggers and Pogchamp?

What Does The Term Poggers Mean On Social Media?

The words Poggers and Pogchamp allude to a Pepe the Frog emoticon that may be found on the social media platforms mentioned above. Poggers and Pogchamp can be seen on many websites, coupled with an image of Pepe the Frog, depending on the popularity of the phrase.

Pogchamp is a prominent League of Legends character that is mostly utilized on Twitch. Over time, though, the word was shortened to Poggers. It is a word that expresses joy or enthusiasm in response to anything.

Poggers and Poggers imply the same thing, however, the phrase is more often used in the comments sections of YouYube and TikTok. With the passage of time, the word has become increasingly carelessly applied. Though Pepe the Frog comes to mind when thinking about the phrase, he isn’t usually associated with it and vice versa.

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Who Is Pepe The Frog?

Pepe the Frog is an anthropomorphic frog created by Matt Furie for the comic book series “Boy’s Club,” which was published in 2005. Fans reimagined him on social media, and he later became a meme in 2015.

He’s been included in documentaries and memes, and he’s been utilized for political purposes. Pepe the Frog has become a worldwide phenomenon. He was one of the top ten most popular memes on Twitter at one time in 2015. Pepe the frog is best famous for being the face of the terms Pogger and Pogchamp.

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