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Planning A Trip To Japan? Here Are All The COVID-19 Related Precautions You Should Adopt

Planning A Trip To Japan? Here Are All The COVID-19 Related Precautions You Should Adopt

Japan originally battled the pandemic very well in its nascent stage; however, since then the situation hasn’t been all even, as it saw several rounds of spikes around the different parts of the country.

Japan’s Health Ministry in late September decided to open up and ease the restrictions for those visiting the country. Those foreigners who plan to visit the country need to be vaccinated with Pfizer, Moderna, or AstraZeneca only. They as of now only accept these in Japan.

Travelers who fulfill the above requirements do not need to go through the 2-week quarantine requirement rather it shall suffice with 10 days. On completing the 10-day isolation they require to undergo a Covid-19 test. Once a negative test result has come they can roam about the country responsibly.

One can experience a mixture of culture and hi-tech scenes when they visit the country. Be it experiencing a Tea Ceremony or visiting Mount Fuji, a parallel experience is sure to strike. If one enjoys haggling in the market for fun, they should definitely pay a visit to Tokyo’s Akihabara area.

As per the latest circulations, Visitors from Australia, Brunei, China (including Hong Kong and Macau), New Zealand, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam may enter the country. Visitors from China and South Korea are only permitted to arrive in the country via Tokyo Narita airport.

The visitors traveling for study, work or to join the family (subject to visa requirements) are also welcome.

However, rules and regulations have been kept dynamic as per the emerging situations. It is also closely monitoring the situation of the virus in other countries and issuing relevant advisories.

September 19 onwards, travelers from the following countries are no more required to spend 3 days in government quarantine in addition to 10 days of self-isolation: Andorra, Belarus, Cambodia, Fiji, Finland, France, Ireland, Iran, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Malta, Namibia, the Netherlands, Oman, Thailand, Tunisia, the United States, and Zimbabwe.

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The latest figures on the situation suggest that Japan had reported 1,725,850 confirmed cases since the pandemic and 18,343 deaths. These are exclusive of positive cases connected to the Olympics or Paralympics. More than three-fourth of the population is fully vaccinated.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Katsunobu Kato confirmed that are looking into the creation of “vaccine passports.” Business travelers would be given priority, to bring trade back on track.

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