Pete Burns's Plastic Surgery: "Right Round" Singer's Own Words
Pete Burns's Plastic Surgery: "Right Round" Singer's Own Words

Pete Burns’s Plastic Surgery: “Right Round” Singer’s Own Words

Pete Burns died of a heart attack at the age of 57. He was the lead singer of the British pop band Dead or Alive in the 1980s. On Oct. 28, the band was going to put out a new compilation called Sophisticated Boom Box MMXVI. The singer died suddenly, his management team said. They called him a “true visionary” and a “special star.”

Burns started his career by singing hits like “You Spin Me Right Round (Like a Record).” After he stopped singing, he became known for his appearances on reality TV shows and the way his looks changed a lot.

“I hope when I’m 80 — when I get to heaven that God doesn’t recognize me,” Burns said during a 2016 appearance on the U.K.’s Celebrity Botched Up Bodies.

Not long after that 1985 single by Dead or Alive, Burns began to try out plastic surgery for the first time. “As I realized I was gonna be a visual entity and I had to look good.” The first thing to do? Burns’s self-consciousness about his “bump” got worse as he spent more time in front of the camera and photographers kept bringing it up.

Pete Burns's Plastic Surgery: "Right Round" Singer's Own Words
Pete Burns’s Plastic Surgery: “Right Round” Singer’s Own Words

In the end, Burns was very unhappy with the results, he told Botched Up Bodies, and he had a procedure to fix it. The singer thought it would be the first of nearly 300 such procedures. After his greatest hits album came out in 2002, Burns quit the music business for good. Instead, he started to change his appearance a lot.

“Four times at the nose, two sets of cheekbone implants, and the two out — lip augmentations,” he said, detailing some of his procedures during the Botched Up Bodies sit-down. During a 2010 ABC interview he explained, “I see myself as my own clay, and I was remodeling it.”

Repeated operations on Burns’ face and lips led to infections, which led to even more corrective surgeries. Burns also said that the medicines used in these surgeries caused him to get blood clots in his legs, heart, and lungs.

Nearly 16 years ago, a botched lip augmentation sent him to the hospital. Even though Burns was on his deathbed, he got better after a 10-day stay during which he took a lot of blood thinners. Even though Burns lived, the thinners permanently hurt his teeth. He needed veneers and then, in the end, surgery to fix everything.

“What I’m trying to achieve with my surgery, is my own personal satisfaction. It’s narcissism,” Burns admitted this year of continually going under the knife.

Burns insisted, despite the fact that his health was in shambles, that he would never cease evolving as a person. However, he stated this during his interview with ABC in 2010: “What you see on the outside is a complete contradiction to something that’s on the inside.”

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