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Person of Interest in Davis Stabbings Detained

Person of Interest in Davis Stabbings Detained

Person of Interest in Davis Stabbings Detained

According to authorities, a former UC Davis student has been detained in connection with three stabbings in Davis, California, including two that left a college senior and a homeless man dead.

According to Davis Police Chief Darren Pytel, the suspect, 21-year-old Carlos Dominguez, was taken into custody on Thursday for two charges of homicide and one count of attempted homicide.
According to the institution, he was a student there up until two days prior to the initial attack.

According to a statement from UC Davis, Dominguez “was in his third year at UC Davis until April 25, 2023, when he was separated for academic reasons.”

“We are partnering with law enforcement to provide access to any and all information as part of the investigation,” the university said.

“We are providing support to any students who may have interacted with him. As we learn more and are able to provide updates that do not interfere with the ongoing investigation, we will do so.”

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When approximately 15 individuals called the police on Wednesday afternoon to report seeing someone near Sycamore Park who matched the suspect description, Dominguez was found, according to Pytel.

When patrol officers stopped the suspect, he had “physical evidence” on him that “might be part of the investigation,” and he appeared to be wearing the same clothing described by witnesses at the third attack, Pytel said.

Based on an interview, collected physical evidence and his clothing, he was initially arrested for possessing a large knife, Pytel said. The UC Davis campus and the nearby college town were on edge as a result of the “brazen” attacks, which all took place within one week.

According to authorities, the first incident occurred on April 27 when David Breaux, a well-liked homeless man who had been a fixture in Davis for more than ten years, was fatally stabbed numerous times in the city’s Central Park. He was discovered sleeping on a park bench, according to authorities.

Karim Abou Najm, a senior at UC Davis and a 20-year-old computer science major, was fatally stabbed in Davis’ Sycamore Park two days later, according to the university and police.

Then, on Monday, Kimberlee Guillory, a woman, was allegedly stabbed multiple times while inside her tent at a homeless camp, according to police. She made it through and was given a critical but stable condition rating. She is improving, according to police on Thursday.

According to investigators, no evidence exists that Dominguez knew any victims. According to the chief, there is physical proof that the victims resisted.

Police said they are searching Dominguez’s residence in Davis on Thursday and that “significant and related evidence has already been discovered.” The chief stated that authorities have spoken to his roommates.

The suspect was “reserved,” the chief said when asked about his manner, adding that “he spoke for a long time.”

At the press conference, Davis Mayor Will Arnold declared that “a murderer is off the streets” and can no longer “terrorize” the neighborhood. The chief declared on Thursday, “I have no doubt that normal life will resume today.”

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