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Penalties Now Raised To $1,000 For Noisy, Illegal Mufflers And Exhaust System.

New York State is getting serious about unlawful vehicle suppressors and exhaust frameworks after Governor Kathy Hochul marked enactment to build fines from $150 to $1,000.

Hochul, Elected officials say “many of these illegal mufflers and exhaust systems are used by drivers engaged in illegal drag races. Drivers “who feel that they have the ability to assault people in their community with the loud drag racing noise and these loud mufflers on their motorcycles and cars, they seem to not care about other people,”  on Friday in Bay Ridge. “And now we’re giving them a message you need to care or else there are financial consequences.”

The bill was named The SLEEP (Stop Loud and Excessive Exhaust Pollution) which was sponsored by State Senator Andrew Gounardes. He is the one who represents south Brooklyn, including Bay Ridge. Gounardes remarked that pollution caused by noise has been termed as an “underestimated threat” by the World Health Organization and also said that unlawful racing has been a significant issue for constituents in specific networks.

“Today, residents across the state can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that they won’t be kept up at night by excessively loud mufflers and exhaust systems,” he said in a statement. “This is a quality of life and public safety issue that plagues our community for no logical reason other than to simply make noise. Now that the SLEEP Act has been signed into law, we can remove these loud and polluting vehicles from our streets once and for all.”

The law additionally targets auto shops that introduce or sell unlawful suppressors and fumes frameworks: If the shop is found selling or introducing them on multiple occasions, the state will yank their working permit.

Since 2010, the complaints related to noise objections of vehicles have increased… And during the period of the pandemic, Drag racing became the popular one among the people.

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