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Parents Driving Their Kids to School to Receive $250 From School District! Read in Detail…

Parents will receive compensation from a public school district in Maryland for driving their own kids to and from school this month. 

According to reports from WBFF, Baltimore City Public Schools are offering to pay the participating parents $250 this September. The families of 771 students from these schools received the offers, says the district’s spokesperson.

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Students can qualify for the payments if they reach at least a 95% attendance rate as stated in the reimbursement form given to parents. This offer may extend beyond September. 

The program will be funded from the “yearly parent reimbursement budget” according to the district, the contractor payment budget will also be funding any additional costs. 

This program was launched because of the shortage of school bus drivers nationwide.

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About 30 bus drivers from the city district tapped out from work on the first day of school as reported by the Baltimore Fox station. Stay tuned with us to get the latest update from our experienced writer. 



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