Parents Complain About Alleged Cut in Child Tax Credit


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The credit payment was eight days late, and while most parents are grateful to receive the money, almost all complain that the IRS cut again.

Travis Mack, a 46-year-old father, living in Essex, New Mexico with his family, said, “We have $ 500. We should get $ 800.” This man has three children, ages 8, 7, and 4. Likewise, he stressed that he is happy that he finally sees some money to cover the children’s clothes, the family groceries, and other bills but is perplexed as to why the payment is less than what was received in July and August. The family was somewhat nervous when they did not receive their September payment on time.

He said that finally, on Friday afternoon, they received a partial payment, equivalent to $ 250 for the two oldest children, but he did not receive anything for the youngest, who should receive a fee of $ 300.

Mack said his wife’s income fell between $ 2,000 and $ 2,500 a month after the pandemic struck last year, and he had to quit his job to stay home with his children while he continued his job in the oil industry and gas. He said, “We were able to survive, but it took much effort for us all that time.”

A sizable group of families stated that the advance payment of the September monthly payment for the child tax credit never came. They waited for the money and any response from the Internal Revenue Service.

The IRS hasn’t reported how many families are yet to receive their monthly September tax credit payment, and they haven’t even come forward to say what’s going on. However, the number seems significant, as the complaints on social media have made enough noise, enough to get the attention of the USA TODAY Network.

On September 15, millions of people received their child tax credit in advance. Yet somehow, a glitch got everyone caught in a strange trap. This situation had happened before, with the payment scheduled for August 13. That payment was delayed for just over 4 million people, who ended up receiving checks to collect their anticipated child tax credit in August instead of direct deposit.

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Final words

“I have a short circuit!” Tringali emailed me. “And it doesn’t make sense why!” Earlier this week, many families who did not receive the money expressed great concern about the robbery.

“We were hoping this money would help us throughout the month, but to our surprise, it never showed up in our bank as the first two did,” said Crystal Redmer of Tennessee.

“The best thing is that when we try to verify it on the portal, it says eligible and shows payments for July and August, but nothing is shown for September,” she said Tuesday.

Some parents said they had no problems in the previous two months, but then they adjusted the address or direct deposit information using the tool on and found problems with the September payment.

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