Panic At The Disco's Minnesota Concert Stage Explodes
Panic At The Disco's Minnesota Concert Stage Explodes

Panic At The Disco’s Minnesota Concert Stage Explodes

When a tiny fire broke out on stage during Disco’s concert, there was panic at Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota; the show narrowly avoided actual panic.

While Brendon Urie and the rest of Panic! at the Disco were in the middle of their performance on Wednesday, a tiny fire appeared to break out on the side of the arena stage.

Fans filmed what seemed like the band playing and Urie, 35, dancing around the intricately created stage as flames engulfed the area near the stairs where the band’s equipment technicians appeared to be switching out guitars during the performance.

Multiple individuals could be heard shouting “Fire! Flames!” while the band continued to play, and then a crew member emerged with what looked like a fire extinguisher and put out the fire.

Video shows a big audience cheering as the fire is extinguished, and while it’s not apparent how many of them could see the flames, they all saw it being put out.

The cause of the fire is unknown; however, a video posted on Twitter appears to show a pyrotechnics machine catching fire. CBS Minnesota claims that Panic! at the Disco’s live events frequently feature pyrotechnics.

Beach Bunny and Jake Wesley Rogers, who started the event on Wednesday, seemed unfazed by the incident. Wednesday night’s event, opened by Beach Bunny and singer Jake Wesley Rogers, continued despite the incident.

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