Pamela Anderson Net Worth
Pamela Anderson Net Worth

Pamela Anderson Net Worth: How Much She Earned From Baywatch Per Season?

She has been on numerous shows as a main character or guest star, such as Baywatch, Home Improvement, and V.I.P. How much do you think is Pamela Anderson’s net worth?

She received a star on Canada’s Walk of Fame in 2006. The Golden Raspberry Award and the Golden Apple Award are only two of the many honors she’s received.

From Playboy to Baywatch, Pamela Anderson has amassed an enormous fortune for herself. Due to a series of bad decisions, including two failed marriages and the notorious s*x tape incident with ex-husband Tommy Lee, Pamela Anderson’s wealth is not what it once was.

Pamela Anderson Early Life

On July 1, 1967, Pamela Denise Anderson entered the world in the small town of Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada. Ladysmith is located on Vancouver Island. As she entered the world on the hundredth anniversary of Canada’s formal creation, she was dubbed a “Centennial Baby” and garnered some special attention.

Her dad, Barry, fixes furnaces and her mom, Carol, works in the service industry. From the time Anderson was six years old until she was ten years old, she was the victim of sexual abuse at the hands of a female babysitter. She was raped twice: once by a man of 25 when she was 12, and again by her then-boyfriend and six of his friends when she was 14.

Anderson graduated from high school in 1985 and was a standout volleyball player. In 1998, she uprooted briefly to Vancouver in search of a modeling career while also working as a fitness teacher. In 1989, she did some modeling work for the Canadian brand Labatt Beer. Anderson’s career and fame took off after she put out feelers about being a Playboy Playmate around this time.

Pamela Anderson Career

Pamela Anderson Career
Pamela Anderson Career

In October of 1989, Pamela Anderson graced the cover of Playboy. The following year, in February of 1990, she was featured on the cover and in the centerfold as the Playmate of the Month. Anderson’s career with Playboy spans three decades and she has featured on more covers than anybody else at this time.

Anderson was able to secure several guest-starring roles on sitcoms in the early 1990s. Then, she was seen on “Home Improvement” as Lisa the Tool Time Girl from 1991 until 1993. However, her breakthrough as popular culture staple C.J. Parker, a Los Angeles lifeguard, on the hit television series “Baywatch,” which debuted that year, propelled her to superstardom.

From its debut in 1992 until its cancellation in 1997, a grand total of 76 episodes of “Baywatch” were broadcast. In 1996, Anderson played the titular character in the film Barb Wire. Her performance in “Barb Wire” earned her the Razzie Award for Worst New Star. In April of 1997, she was the host of “Saturday Night Live.”

She was the series regular on “V.I.P.” from 1998 until 2002. She was a part of the cast of “Stacked” for two seasons, 2005 and 2006. She had an appearance in the 2006 mockumentary “Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan,” directed by Sacha Baron Cohen.

Pamela Anderson’s Reality TV Career

Anderson made an appearance in the fourth season of Big Brother India in 2010. (“Bigg Boss”). Reportedly, she was paid $550,000 for her time in the mansion. Andeson appeared on “Big Brother” in the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, and Germany throughout the course of the next few years (2011, 2012, and 2013).

Since the tenth season of the American version in 2010, Anderson has also been a part of the other “Dancing with the Stars” franchises. After seven weeks of the show, Damian Whitewood and his partner were booted. Anderson then made an appearance on the 2012 All-Star version but was released after just one week. She has also competed in “Dancing on Ice” in Argentina and France, in addition to the U.K.

Pamela Anderson Personal Life

In 1990 Anderson had breast implant surgery, boosting her bust size to 34D. She enlarged her bust size again, to 34DD, several years later. Anderson’s breast implants were taken out in April of 1999.

With only a four-day courtship under her belt, Anderson wed Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee on February 19, 1995. Anderson’s mother read about her daughter’s wedding in People. She was known professionally as Pamela Anderson Lee during her marriage to Tommy.

They share parental duties for their two kids, Brandon Thomas (born June 5, 1996) and Dylan Jagger (born December 29, 1997). When Lee assaulted Anderson, he was arrested, and the couple’s marriage deteriorated further. For domestic violence, he received a six-month sentence in the Los Angeles County Jail. The couple divorced in 1998.

Rick Salomon, a film producer, and Anderson tied the knot on October 6, 2007. Anderson filed for divorce on February 22, 2008, after the couple had been separated for two months. Anderson announced her second marriage to Salomon in early 2014. An additional year passed before Anderson once again petitioned the court for a divorce from Salomon.

Pamela Anderson Baywatch Salary

Pamela earned an average of $300,000 per episode at the height of the show’s popularity or around $6.6 million per season.

Pamela Anderson’s Financial Problems

Pamela Anderson
Pamela Anderson

In an interview following their quick 12-day breakup, Jon Peters suggested that Pam’s financial situation had a role in the couple’s decision to separate ways. He also said he owed Pam $200,000. As far as money goes, she’s made a few mistakes here and there.

After a $1.7 million lien was filed against Pam for unpaid taxes in 2009, she was included on California’s list of the Top 500 Delinquent Tax Payers. In 2012, Pam was served with two tax liens for 2011 tax debts she had not yet paid. Pam was accused of having debts to two different governments totaling $300,000: the Internal Revenue Service and the state of California.

Pamela Anderson’s Net Worth

Pamela Anderson is a Canadian-American showgirl-turned-actress, glamour model-turned-producer-turned-author-turned-animal-rights-activist. The actress Pamela Anderson is worth $20 million. Over the years she has become more famous for her life off-screen, but she originally became widely known after participating in the series “Baywatch” and her marriage to Motley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee.

Pamela Anderson Real Estate

Pam bought a Malibu mansion for $1.8 million back in the year 2000. She spent $8 million constructing a brand-new, ultra-modern home after demolishing the old one. In March of 2013, she put the home on the market for $7.75 million.

She tried to sell the home but was unsuccessful, so she decided to rent it out for as much as $50,000 per month during peak seasons. She put the house up for sale on March 4, 2021, for $14.9 million. A long-term tenant of hers was paying $40k/month in rent. The house was sold for $11.8 million in August of 2021.

Once upon a time, she lived in a Malibu house that was also beachfront. Unfortunately, she returned home one day to find a female supporter who had apparently wandered in straight off the beach and into her bedroom. Pamela arrived home to find the woman already dressed in one of her iconic Baywatch swimsuits from the wardrobe and in her bedroom.

Her parents eventually tied the knot there. Pam reportedly spent $1 million upgrading the buildings on the site in recent years. In the following November of 2020, she turned one of the stables into a shelter for rescued animals.

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