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“Operation Varsity Blues” Clutches Parents Scamming To Get Their Students Admitted To Top Universities

Parents want the best for their wards, however, pushing it too far they sometimes involve themselves in unprincipled activities. Such is the story of 60-year-old Homayoun Zadeh, who recently accepted the charges earlier this year, for filing a false tax return, where one of his donations to a charity of William Singer was a sham to actually bribe officials to get his daughter admitted to University of Southern California.

The parent had agreed to pay $100,000 to secure a seat at the ‘prestigious’ university. It was found out that the entire scheme was orchestrated as a bigger scam by Singer, the operation has been dubbed as ‘Operation Varsity Blues’.

After being charged, and pleading guilty for roping over 50 people in the sham, since spring of 2019. He decided to co-operate with the law enforcement agencies.

It was revealed during investigations that, the scheme involved well-to-do parents paying a ‘premium’ to have their children’s entrance test scores increased or being portrayed as exceptional in athletics, to secure them extra credit. Based on this the parents would re-route the money through an artificial charity.

Zadeh’s daughter, who was oblivious to the developments, was portrayed through fake profiles as a lacrosse player. As claimed by Zadeh’s attorney, that his client was unaware of this profile being built before it was affected.

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The court sentenced Zadeh to six weeks of jail time, coupled with one year of supervised release, 250 hours of community service, $8,414 in restitution, and a $20,000 fine.

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