Officer Succumbs To Gun Injury, At Early Hours In New Jersey Shooting

Officer Succumbs To Gun Injury, At Early Hours In New Jersey Shooting

A 2-week old baby was being held hostage, with the suspect engaging in a shootout with law enforcement officers, in Long Branch. Reportedly the suspect came out of Chelsea Avenue in the wee hours, at around 2 a.m. on Saturday, in the standoff with 3 police officers, finally killing him.

One of the wounded officers, unfortunately, passed away. Luckily the newborn was safe during the action and was rescued from the scene. Post the incident; officers sensed that the residence of the suspect, even though immediate fires putting out measures were carried out, severe damage was done.

The 9-hour standoff started when the suspect was actually being brought in custody to be interrogated for a murder investigation. When the Prosecuting Officer reached his door, they heard gunshots, and that was when the officer too was injured.

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The man who allegedly fired the first, did not come out of the house for hours at length, he was however continuously kept engaged by the officers, as he threatened them with the child of the suspect’s girlfriend being the hostage.

The suspect has a previous criminal record as well in other states, although he does not belong to New Jersey.

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