Nvidia Geforce Rtx 4090
Nvidia Geforce Rtx 4090

Live Report On Nvidia Geforce Rtx 4090 Preorders And Where To Find Stock?

The new RTX 4090 graphics card from Nvidia has been out since October 12, 2022, which is now. After much testing, our RTX 4090 review shows that it has one of the most significant generation-on-generation performance increases ever. It also has DLSS 3, a clever new way to boost frame rates even more in games that support it. We’ve put together everything you need to know about the RTX 4090, from where to buy one to how much it costs and how well it works.

So, let’s talk about how things go. Nvidia said that these new Ada Lovelace cards are up to two to four times faster than their Ampere predecessors in the most demanding 4K RT workloads, and our tests back that up. The improvement depends on the game and settings, but this card “solves” most current-gen games. In most games, you can choose the highest settings and still get high frame rates, even on a 4K 144Hz monitor. It’s a crazy turn of events that makes the 4090s extremely high price seem more reasonable than it initially did.

Nvidia has made a dense chip with a higher power target and more advanced hardware features. Together, these things make a powerful piece of gear. When you look at the specs, it’s clear that there are some jaw-dropping numbers for computing, memory bandwidth, and power consumption. This is on top of a process shrink to TSMC’s 4N process, design changes, and new-generation shader cores, RT cores, and Tensor cores.

This level of performance means that there was a lot of interest in these cards when they first came out. So, here’s what you need to know about the RTX 4090, including where you can buy this highly regarded GPU in the US and the UK.

Where In The Uk Can You Buy The Rtx 4090?

The RTX 4090 can be bought from several big UK stores. We’ve listed them all in the table below. Stock is likely to go fast, so if you can’t get what you want from your favorite store, check out a second or third one.

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Where In The Us Can You Buy The Rtx 4090?

The RTX 4090 can be bought at several big stores, which we’ve listed in the table below. Stock is likely to go fast, so if you can’t find what you want at your usual store, check out a second or third one.

Retailer Price Range
B&H Photo $1599 and up
Amazon US $1599 and up
Newegg $1599 and up
Best Buy $1599 and up

How Fast Is The RTX 4090?

In a few words: very fast. Even without DLSS, the RTX 4090 can run almost all AAA games at their highest settings and frame rates, and DLSS 2 gives it a significant performance boost. DLSS 3 doubles performance in games that can use it, making the graphics smoother at the cost of input latency.

Nvidia Geforce Rtx 4090

In our review of the RTX 4090, we give performance numbers for various games, including traditional rasterized games, ray tracing, and games with DLSS 2 and DLSS 3.

What’s The RTX 4090 Price?

The RTX 4090’s official suggested retail price from Nvidia starts at $1499/£1649. Custom models cost more because people want high-end graphics cards right now. However, the makers of these cards will say that the price is worth it because they include factory overclocking to improve performance, more ports, beefier heatsinks, or other features.

This raises the question of why the RTX 4090 is so expensive. Nvidia and its partners want to make an excellent profit to cover their research and development costs, but other things are at play. More advanced processes, like TSMC’s 4N, cost more to make than those that came before them.

Conflicts and pandemics around the world also continue to affect supply chains. But in the end, the price is set by what Nvidia thinks the market will pay, and the only thing that is likely to cause prices to go down is if GPUs are left on store shelves without being bought.

What Are Its Specifications?

Even though the RTX 4090 looks like the cards from last year, it is even more potent than the two RTX 4080 cards that Nvidia announced. See for yourself in the table that follows.

RTX 4090 24GB RTX 4080 16GB RTX 4080 12GB
GPU AD102 AD103 AD104
Transistors 76B ? ?
Die size 611mm² 380mm² 300mm²
CUDA cores 16384 9728 7680
Boost clock 2.52GHz 2.51GHz 2.61GHz
Memory interface 384-bit 256-bit 192-bit
Memory bandwidth 1018GB/s 742GB/s 557GB/s
Power usage 450W 320W 285W
PSU requirement 850W 750W 700W
PSU cables 3x 8-pin 3x 8-pin 2x 8-pin
Price $1499/£1649 $1199/£1269 $899/£949
Release date October 12, 2022 November 2022 November 2022


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