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Noughts and Crosses Season 2: Release Date Status, Did The Show Finally Get Renewed?

Fans of Noughts + Crosses have been waiting eagerly to find out what happened to alternate world pair Callum and Sephy since the book ended on a cliffhanger that differed significantly from the book’s conclusion.

Things were looking gloomy for the dystopian thriller after a year with no new information – but the BBC has now revealed that a second season is on the way, with production currently in full force.

In order to follow the star-crossed lovers in a world where white people (known as “Noughts”) are dominated by a governing black class, we’ll all be returning to Albion – also known as a parallel universe United Kingdom – for a second time (“Crosses”).

This page contains information on the forthcoming season, however, please be advised that spoilers for the whole first season are included.

Noughts and Crosses Season 2 Release Date

Yes! The program didn’t have the best of starts, with an overnight viewership of 2.5 million people tuning in to see the first episode on BBC One — a decrease from the slot average of 3.1 million people. Noughts and Crosses, on the other hand, was particularly popular with younger viewers, with a 13.3 percent share of the 16-34-year-old demographic.

As a result, it’s possible that the BBC waited so long to decide on a second season – but it was ultimately revealed in May 2021, a year after the premiere of season one, that a sequel was on the way.

Beginning in November 2018, production on the first season of the show began in South Africa, with the series premiering 16 months later.

Considering that season two was announced in May 2021, with production slated to begin a month later in South Africa, we may expect an air date in late 2022 if the schedule stays the same (or possibly even sooner.)

However, owing to the coronavirus epidemic and social distance regulations, television and film production is now on hold, which may significantly prolong the filming of any new Noughts + Crosses episodes, even if pre-production could be completed remotely.

Noughts and Crosses Season 2 Expectation

In the first season of Noughts + Crosses, the show adapts the 2001 novel of the same name, with Knife Edge being the second book in the series, which was published the following year.

There are three additional volumes in the series after that: Checkmate (2005), Double Cross (2008), and Crossfire (2019), with a fourth and final installment – Endgame – now in the works.

Despite the fact that season two of Noughts + Crosses is expected to adapt Knife Edge, the climax of the first season looks to stray from the plot of the first book, which might have significant repercussions for what follows.

Ultimately, Noughts + Crosses (the novel) concludes with Callum being killed when his connection with Sephy, along with the knowledge that she is pregnant with his child, is revealed.

Noughts + Crosses (the television series) comes to a close with the two lovers still alive but on the run from the authorities. It’s difficult to see how the BBC could bring a realistic adaptation of Knife Edge to the screen while keeping Callum in the picture, given that both Sephy and Callum’s brother Jude are still hurting from his death in the novel.

Is it possible that Callum will remain on the program and help it establish its own course in future seasons? It’s conceivable, but Malorie Blackman’s words appear to indicate that this isn’t the plan at this time.

The second season of Noughts + Crosses, according to Blackman, would adapt the last act of the first book, including Callum’s death, with subsequent episodes adapting the events of Knife Edge as well as the subsequent novels.

That does not rule out other divergences from the novels – in a press release, Blackman promised “surprises” for readers of the books in the event that this is really the case.

Blackman shared his thoughts: “So many people have asked me, ’So what happens next?’. Now they will find out! Having read the scripts, I think I can safely say that even those familiar with the Noughts & Crosses series of books will find surprises, suspense and so much to savor.”noughts and crosses season 2Read More:

Noughts and Crosses Season 2

The following members of the main cast have all been confirmed to return for the second season of Noughts + Crosses:

  • Masali Baduza (Persephone “Sephy” Hadley)
  • Jack Rowan (Callum McGregor)
  • Helen Baxendale (Meggie McGregor)
  • Paterson Joseph (Home Secretary Kamal Hadley)
  • Kiké Brimah (Minerva Hadley)
  • Bonnie Mbuli (Jasmine Hadley)
  • Jonathan Ajayi (Lekan)

Both Callum’s brother Jude (Josh Dylan) and LM commander Jack Dorn (Shaun Dingwall) were left hanging at the end of the first season — after an altercation between the two, a gunshot was heard, but we were never told who – if anybody – had been killed or injured.

Season two will feature Dylan, rather than Dingwall, which would be consistent with the book’s ending, in which Jude lives to play a significant role in future installments, as opposed to ‘Andrew’ Dorn (Jack’s book equivalent), who has a far more restricted role.

In addition to returning residents, Albion will welcome some newcomers this time around, including Robert Hands (Endeavour), who will play the mysterious new character Clem, and Jasmine Jobson (Top Boy), who will portray Cara, a Cross who becomes an unlikely love interest for Jude in the second novel Knife Edge.

Noughts and Crosses Season 2 Trailer:

The official trailer for Season 2 of Noughts and Crosses has not yet been published. Perhaps it will be released in the near future. Let’s take a look at the trailer for Season 1 of Noughts and Crosses. Take a look at it below.

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