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North American Summitry After 5 Years Takes Place Between US, Canada And Mexico

The leaders of U.S. , Canada and Mexico met on Thursday, to affirm their directions and progress. President Biden stated that although the region has its differences, there is a scope for sorting them out, and working harmoniously to prove that, “Democracies can deliver”.

As the conversation unfolded, U.S. President Biden, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau and Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, showed regard and respect for each other. The conversation ranged from a variety of subjects such as trade, immigration and climate change to Covid-19 management

“We can meet all the challenges if we just take the time to speak to one another, by working together,” said Biden, as the host for the meeting. These meetings with the nations of the pacific were an annual affair before former President Trump took office, and is now revived by the Biden Administration.

The diplomatic event was marked by formal meetings and professionalism in the room. The Canadian and Mexican counterparts met with Biden and VP Kamala Harris separately. This was also followed with a three-way dialogue between all the parties in the East Room.
The translators were also on their toes, as the conversation revolved in English, Spanish and French. The differences were not only in the languages, but also in opinions.

Such as differences between Washington and Ottawa with regard to lucrative tax incentives’ proposal which may favor the manufacturers in the auto- manufacturing industry in the States. Whereas Mexico as well made its frustration obvious regarding increase in number of Temporary Work Visa, even though there is a shortage of workers.

In retaliation, Mexico is stalling as expected the climate change bill. Speaking of Natural friendship, Biden described the easiest of the friendships with the Canadians.
With López Obrador, Biden hailed the two nations’ “different and emerging relationship that is borne out of mutual respect.”

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“Mr. President,” Biden went on, “we no longer use language like ‘Our friends in the South.’ You are an equal, we’re equal countries, and that’s what I like about you.”
During a daily White House press briefing, the President’s press secretary, Jen Psaki, said the proposed electric vehicle tax credit “is an opportunity to help consumers in this country” as it would incentivise as well as helps our goals for fighting climate change.

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