Time Of Next Steam Sale Survival Fest 2022 Countdown & Game Rules
Time Of Next Steam Sale Survival Fest 2022 Countdown & Game Rules

Time Of Next Steam Sale Survival Fest 2022 Countdown & Game Rules

For gamers, August 2022 is a great time of year. In addition to the Saints Row revival, Marvel’s Spider-Man is coming to PC, while Destroy All Humans 2 is getting a remake. Here you will read about the next steam sale survival fest 2022, Let’s go:

For survivalists, the month will begin with a slew of discounts and deals that will be worth the wait.

Steam Survival Fest 2022 Sale Starts At What Time?

Next Steam Sale
Next Steam Sale

Survival Fest 2022 will be available on Steam at 10:00 PT (12:00 ET) and 18:00 BST on August 1st, with pre-orders beginning at that time. The official announcement from Valve is to blame for this. On the 8th of August, at the same time, it will come to an end quickly.

The event will include discounts and demos for both current and upcoming survival experiences, according to Valve’s blog post.


As of this writing, no games have been provided, however, Valve’s documentation provides an outline of the types of games that are eligible.

According to Valve, the following games will be included:

  • Survival
  • The horror of the Unknown
  • Survival Crafts for the Open World

Survival must be the fundamental game mechanic in any game that involves other players’ participation. Surviving in these games is all about utilizing defensive methods to stay alive in the face of adversity, which might come from nature or supernatural powers.

  • Defensive gaming is aimed at defending oneself against an enemy or a group of enemies.
  • There is a challenge that the player must face
  • Management of resources and health (e.g. hunger and thirst)
  • The player vs. the other players who are attempting to stay alive

Building and colony sim games include survival features, such as NPCs that attack or environmental damage the player needs to protect from

Examples of games that may not be eligible because they do not have a major focus on survival (as mentioned above) include:

Combat-based games such as battle royales and MOBAs, in which the primary goal is to inflict harm on other players

  • Games that don’t have a survival element in them
  • MMOs that don’t have a focus on long-term survival
  • Games that are solely designed to scare you

Tower Defense games with no other gameplay elements (though some survival games do have tower defense mechanics)

Check out the survival category on Steam to get a sense of what titles will be included.

A Steam Sale Is Announced

Bash Bash’s September 19th release date is the date of the next Steam sale following Survival Fest 2022. SteamDB is to thank for this. Hack-and-slashers and spectacle fighters will both be featured at this event.

After that, the next festival will take place on October 3rd of that year. Next comes the yearly Halloween sale that everyone looks forward to.

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