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Infervision in the Front Lines Against the Coronavirus

Infervision launches the Coronavirus AI solution to help clinicians win the battle

CureGRIN Receives Grant to Build Global Research Network

$450,000 Award from Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is Part of Rare As One Project Investing $13.5 Million to Drive Progress Against Rare Diseases

How to protect yourself and others from the Coronavirus

A quick guide to how to protect yourself and others from catching the Coronavirus and Corona masks are not the answer.

New Multi-Surface Cleaner Kills Coronavirus & Sanitizes for 24 Hours

Byotrol24 is scientifically proven to eliminate coronaviruses, noroviruses, flu and cold viruses, E. coli, salmonella and other germs.

New drug may help in treating Alzheimers & Dementia

New drug may be beneficial in treating Alzheimer’s/Dementia disease and Dravet syndrome.

New patients needed for study on Knee Arthritis treatments

The Texas Orthobiologic Institute today announced a new clinical study evaluating three nonsurgical treatment protocols for minimizing pain and dysfunction for patients with knee arthritis.

New Year, New Stress. Why you should Meditate.

With the New Year comes New Stresses. It’s sad but often true. Did you spend too much money over Christmas? Do you have the Monday Blues? Did the family fall-out over the festive period? Meditation is a great way to help overcome and deal with stress, to help you to lead a happier and healthier life.

Will hypnotherapy help you lose weight in the New Year?

figures published last year reveal that only 22% of the UK will be making New Year’s Resolutions with almost two thirds (62%) adamant that they will not be making any resolutions. This is likely to be due to the high failure rates associated with New Year’s resolutions with most either failed or given up on in just a few weeks.

Can we eradicate sleeping sickness by 2020?

A new edition of Peter Kennedy’s inspiring story of a neurological career working to cure the human African trypanosomiasis disease will be published next year