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Aadhar & Filing your tax returns in India

This article here on how to link your Aadhar to your PAN on the e-filing portal goes some way to showing how the services are becoming so integrated in India.


Since 1997 Bio-Synergy has been at the forefront of the UK sport supplement category as result of its dedication to quality, authenticity and innovation.

Bodylogix Launches New Native Whey Isolate Powered by PRONATIV

Bodylogix has launched its new Native Whey Isolate powered by PRONATIV. “Clean. Trust. Performance” are the three core values.

New targeted DNA test to tackle an individual’s nutritional needs

Mako Medical Laboratories launches a new genetic test focused on nutrition for athletes

How dangerous is Coronavirus?

How dangerous is the Wuhan Coronavirus and what can you do to keep yourself safe.

Tween Gamer Creates Video Game for Haters

Tween gaming live streamer Keiran Black, releases a video game specifically for his online haters. Check it out here…

Infervision in the Front Lines Against the Coronavirus

Infervision launches the Coronavirus AI solution to help clinicians win the battle

CureGRIN Receives Grant to Build Global Research Network

$450,000 Award from Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is Part of Rare As One Project Investing $13.5 Million to Drive Progress Against Rare Diseases

How to protect yourself and others from the Coronavirus

A quick guide to how to protect yourself and others from catching the Coronavirus and Corona masks are not the answer.