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British Banks Still Not Meeting Customer Expectations

The latest insights from the customer satisfaction survey reveal that both traditional and challenger banks are falling short when it comes to customer expectations, even with over 70 million accounts currently being managed by UK banks.

Prop Bets on the NFL Championship

Prop Bets on the NFL Championship. Now its 2020

Corruption seems to pay off

Donating to political parties in power increases the value of government contracts Private-sector firms in countries such as the Czech Republic, UK, and Germany can donate directly to political parties. However, concerns over potential conflicts of interest may arise. Political…

Innovative Brexit Coin Marks Historic ‘Brexit’ of the UK From the EU

Struck with a special fissure across the face, this coin is made to symbolically break in half

What Will Be The Biggest Scams and Fraud Threats of 2020?

Scammers are continuously adapting and developing their techniques in order to trick more and more people every day. Find out what to look out for.

WhatsApp has just stopped working on millions of phones

The Facebook owned Messaging service WhatsApp will no longer work on millions of smartphones from 1 February.

.cyou (See You) to launch as a new domain name

new domain name .cyou (See You) to be launched in 2020

GEICO adopts Arbitration Forums Settlement Exchange System

Arbitration Forums, Inc. announce their successful collaboration with GEICO Auto-Insurance (Government Employees Insurance Company)