New York Public Unions Protests Count Security Mandates Against COVID-19

The CEO of New York City’s largest municipal union, Henry Garrido of District 37, is extremely upset that Mayor Blasio forced all city workers to return to their work offices last week. In this way, he could end the 18 months of remote work established by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Likewise, he filed a complaint through an opinion article in the pages of a local newspaper and was in charge of presenting a formal request for improper practice before the Office of Collective Bargaining in the city since he has lost more than 200 members of District 37 because of the virus.

There is an argument that the spread, now globally, of the Delta variant of COVID-19 should be a reason to re-evaluate biosecurity plans, as many companies have delayed or postponed the return of their employees to work facilities.

Despite this, Garrido is also part of a lawsuit by all municipal unions against Blasio’s “no jab, no work” vaccination mandate for all adults who work in the city’s schools.

Many people wonder how Henry Garrido can claim that the workplace is currently unsafe when he is part of a lawsuit to stop larger public workplaces from making them safer based on a requirement of vaccination worldwide.

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On September 27, he initiated a school-level vaccination policy to protect the little ones against the Delta variant of COVID-19 and also a new public health measure that provides the option of a weekly COVID-19 test.

Ideally, these standards should be extended to all federal agency employees for rare medical circumstances with appropriate and limited exceptions.

On the other hand, the religious exemption to vaccination for school-age children was eliminated by New York State two years ago, even before the COVID-19 pandemic, when abused during a measles outbreak.

The unions agree with the vaccination policy but do not agree with the return to offices and workspaces.

The remote work modality has favored many companies and families that were looking for better options to spend more time together, and at the same time, reduce logistical expenses.

Garrido, like all union leaders, declared that he was in favor of the vaccine. However, the city cannot be imposed on employees. Even a judge of the supreme court of the state of Manhattan agreed to a hearing on Wednesday to speak about it.

Employers requiring FDA-approved vaccines are fairly established, and unions grimly warn the “violation of bodily integrity” recall the “valuable bodily fluids” of “Dr. Strange Love.”

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