New Measures To Be Implemented By White House To Safeguard Americans From Omicron Variant

New Measures To Be Implemented By White House To Safeguard Americans From Omicron Variant

The President has taken stalk of the situation, and decided to announce newer measures, which are directed towards curbing further spread of the pandemic, as fears over the new variant with multiple mutations grapples the country.

With significant push being given to encourage vaccinations, and having sustained 2 years in a different normal, we are now better equipped to take precautions, and combat the situation, without making it reach where it had gone previously.

The woes over the delta variant had not even come to an end, where the scars of omicron have already started tickling the wounds. However, the government plans to tackle it by a multi-faceted approach, such as recommending the following-
Boosters for All Adults

The Biden administration is all set to implement booster shot recommendations for over 100 million Americans, in a bid to enhance the immune system’s response to the coronavirus, and its multiple variants. It increases the anti-body count, thereby aiding the resistance to the virus.

The CDC also plans on introducing recommendations for all adults to get inoculated with a booster shot. The doses have been made freely available for all, and are available through a widespread network of over 80,000 centers across America.

Vaccinations to Protect Our Kids and Keep Our Schools Open

The President shall also urge, all kids above 5 years of age to get vaccinated which will help schools remain functioning. Almost all schools have resumed an offline mode of education, which is to be encouraged. The emphasis will also be on achieving a high rate of vaccination success for those between ages 5 to 11. There are over 35,000 centers where the vaccine for kids is available.

Expanding Free At-Home Testing for Americans

The government is also encouraging people to check for symptoms and the virus with their free At-home kits, so that even people with mild symptoms, can have early detection, which can prevent worsening of the condition of the infected persons. It shall also help keep those around be safe.

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Stronger Public Health Protocols for Safe International Travel

The administration is also maintaining a vigilant eye on international travel restrictions, or changes in mandates to be followed while traveling to and from the country. The pre-departure testing protocols will be strengthened starting next week.

Protections in Workplaces to Keep Our Economy Open

The President shall acknowledge, the measures which have been taken to encourage growth in the job sector, and we cannot afford to derail the economy any further, especially with the Build Better Back coming into play. The vaccination mandates at the workplace shall help to enforce mechanisms that will help the American society altogether.

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