When Will There Be New Episodes Of Grey's Anatomy?
When Will There Be New Episodes Of Grey's Anatomy?

When Will There Be New Episodes Of Grey’s Anatomy?

The fall finale of Grey’s Anatomy aired on November 10, even though it seems like the season just started. Since this is the case, people will have a lot of different feelings about where the show is going until it comes back after the winter holidays. But when does Grey’s Anatomy come back?

As the US heads into the holiday season, shows usually take a break in the middle of the season. This is because Christmas and other holiday or special shows take over the TV schedule. This will happen on ABC with shows like “The Great Christmas Light Fight” and “Beauty and the Beast: A 30th Celebration.” When will Grey’s come back, after everything is said and done? We know what to do.

Stranger Thing Season When Will New Episodes Of Grey’s Anatomy Start Airing?

Fans of Grey’s Anatomy will have to wait a long before they are able to see a new episode of the show because it won’t be back on the air until Thursday, February 23. In point of fact, the restoration of any and all of ABC’s Thursday programming, which also includes Station 19 and Alaska Daily, will not occur until the 23rd of February.

This is rather more time-consuming than the comeback episodes of many other fall shows that have been on hiatus during the winter. The majority of television programs on CBS, NBC, Fox, and other ABC channels that debuted in the fall and will be continuing with new episodes beginning in the month of January. Before fresh episodes of Grey’s Anatomy air, the show will be absent from television for a total of three consecutive months.

When Will There Be New Episodes Of Grey's Anatomy
When Will There Be New Episodes Of Grey’s Anatomy

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What Happened In The Last Episode Of Season 19 Of Grey’s Anatomy?

It would appear that viewers of the television show Grey’s Anatomy will be holding on to that previously mentioned mixed bag of emotions for some time following the emotionally intense fall finale. Which feelings are you interested in finding out about?

To begin, a lot of longstanding fans are nearly completely overcome with melancholy since Meredith Grey is going to leave the show soon (Ellen Pompeo). Meredeth is going to leave Seattle, as was hinted at in the promotional material for the series’ winter premiere.

Although it has been known since the beginning of the summer that Pompeo would be taking a break from the show, the fact that her departure from the cast will soon be taking place makes this a momentous occasion. She is the only original intern that is still working there. With the exception of T.R. Knight’s George, everyone of her contemporaries have progressed further in their own careers. It’s hard not to feel like we’ve reached the end of an era.

The fire that broke out at Meredith’s residence is another concerning development. Many wonderful memories were made in that house over the years. One may make the case that there were just as many babies born there as there were in the actual hospital where they were delivered. The fact that her house burned down is almost like a nail being driven into a hypothetical coffin.

On the other hand, before fans of Meredith completely lose it, we do have some encouraging information to share. To begin, it has been announced that Pompeo would physically appear in eight different episodes during this season. When the show comes back with its fresh episode in the beginning of 2023, it will only be her seventh time appearing on the show.

As can be seen in the video that follows, Pompeo has confirmed that she will be appearing in the season 19 finale. In addition, she assures that she will continue to do the voiceovers for the entirety of the upcoming episodes.

Now, as far as her future on the series goes beyond the 19th season, we are unable to predict for certain what will happen. On November 17, Pompeo thanked fans for sticking with Meredith over the course of 19 seasons by posting a message on Instagram. She ended her message by adding, “… you know the show must go on and I’ll definitely be back to visit,” which was followed by a period.

Regarding the aforementioned assertion, we will not interfere with your ability to draw your own conclusions. The fact that Meredith will soon be moving to Boston will undoubtedly generate quite a commotion at Grey Sloan Memorial, and the audience’s curiosity over the matter is already being piqued. Who will take over as the head surgeon in the operating room is the most important subject among fans.

Because it would appear that Bailey (Chandra Wilson) is not yet prepared to reprise her part, the question “then who?” must be asked. Oh, and how could we possibly overlook Nick? (Scott Speedman). Only after Meredith’s urging did he uproot his life and move to Seattle. Will he quit the residency program in order to join her in Boston now that she has decided to move there?

When Grey’s Anatomy returns, viewers will have to stay tuned to find out what transpires in the show’s last season. In the meantime, whet your appetite by watching the preview for the next episode, which can be found here. You’ll soon have some “Grey’s Anatomy” Thursdays coming up, so now is a good opportunity to catch up on some of your favorite Meredith moments from season 19 over on Hulu.

You can watch the full episodes of Grey’s Anatomy on Hulu. You can watch seasons 1–18 of the show on Netflix if you want to get a better understanding of the character.

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