The Nevada Senate Election Is On A Knife's Edge, With The Majority Hanging In The Balance
The Nevada Senate Election Is On A Knife's Edge, With The Majority Hanging In The Balance

The Nevada Senate Election Is On A Knife’s Edge, With The Majority Hanging In The Balance

As results from the Nevada Senate race trickle in, both Republicans and Democrats are on the edge of their seats. Both parties are hopeful that they will win in a race that will help decide who has a narrow majority in the upper chamber.

Democrats were worried that Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto’s (D-Nev.) chances of getting re-elected would be hurt by the fact that the political climate was good for Republicans and that inflation was always a problem in a state where tourism is the main industry.

But their feelings have changed now that votes from Clark and Washoe counties are being counted. It looks like this will help the senator close the gap between her and her GOP opponent, Adam Laxalt. Republicans, on the other hand, are still sure that Laxalt will win.

Following the announcement by local officials that the counting process will continue for several more days, both parties are now playing a game of waiting. Joe Gloria, who serves as the Registrar of Voters for Clark County, speculated that by Saturday, approximately 90 per cent of the ballots cast there will have been counted.

The Nevada Senate Election Is On A Knife’s Edge, With The Majority Hanging In The Balance

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“Based on the votes that are left to count, there’s more vote to be counted in the rural areas of the state, there is a lot of Election Day drop box vote to be counted in Clark [County], and Republicans think that when all of it is tallied, Adam Laxalt will come out on top,” said one GOP strategist. However, Democrats and other associated organisations shared the same sense of optimism.

Cecilia Alvarado, the executive director of Somos Votantes in Nevada, a group that engages Latino voters and who endorsed Cortez Masto’s reelection bid, said, “We’re very optimistic and also proud of ourselves for the work we did throughout the cycle to get Latinos to vote.”

“We’re very optimistic and also proud of ourselves for the work we did throughout the cycle to get Latinos to vote,” Alvarado said. The organisation went door-to-door more than one million times inside the state alone.

After making history in 2016 by becoming the first Latina ever elected to the Senate, Cortez Masto is now running for a second term in the Senate. She is a former attorney general of the state and the daughter of her father, who served four terms as a Clark County commissioner. Six years ago, she won her election by a margin of little over two percentage points.

Laxalt, who was also a former state attorney general and the 2018 Republican gubernatorial nominee who lost to Gov. Steve Sisolak (D), had enjoyed a flurry of polls in recent weeks that showed him edging ahead of Cortez Masto. However, these polls have since been thrown into question.

Many people from different political perspectives believed that the election was a genuine coin flip, with Republicans having the advantage. Others, though, including several Republicans, claimed that the election was destined to be decided by the slimmest of margins.

Amy Tarkanian, who served as chairwoman of the Nevada Republican Party before Catherine Cortez Masto did, said of the latter: “I honestly found that hard to believe that she was the most vulnerable.” “That is an opinion with which I wholeheartedly disagree. I believe that she is certainly one of the most challenging competitors to defeat.

“And the reason for this is that she has deep family ties in the state of Nevada,” the sentence continues. Her father served as a very influential county commissioner in Clark, where the family lived. In addition, she served as the Attorney General, and she is highly strategic.

She does not deviate from the script in any way, and she does not engage in any outrageous behaviour to draw attention to herself. In addition to that, she enjoyed the support of Harry Reid, who served as the Majority Leader of the Senate before he passed away.

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Now, both camps are waiting for the results to come in, which may take until the beginning of the following week given that ballots that were postmarked on Election Day can be received up until the following Saturday.

Laxalt had a lead against the senator that was just under 16,000 votes at the time this article was written. Although many more ballots need to be tabulated, it appeared that Cortez Masto had a lead over Laxalt in Clark County by more than 33,000 and in Washoe County by slightly more than 350.

After a batch of results from both counties showed that Cortez Masto held comfortable leads over Laxalt on Wednesday, Democrats and political observers alike believe that the senator has a good chance of keeping her seat for a second term. This belief is based on the fact that the results were released. However, it is still uncertain how those margins will hold up in future batches that are reported.

“Taking a look at the data that keep pouring in, it appears that we are well on our way to victory. The CCM has been winning mail ballots in Clark by a margin of 2-1, which has recently decreased Laxalt’s lead in Clark by 5,000 votes.

Josh Marcus-Blank, a spokesperson for the Cortez Masto campaign, tweeted on Wednesday that there are 57 thousand Democratic-heavy votes in Clark County drop boxes in addition to the thousands of mail ballots that will pour in until Saturday. He was alluding to the senator’s initials.

Even political observers such as Dave Wasserman, publisher of the Cook Political Report, stated that the ballot batches that were released on Wednesday provided Democrats with cause to be optimistic. He stated that the party has a “good possibility” of going into the runoff election in Georgia with a Senate majority that has already been established.

Even though Washoe and Clark’s counties voted for Vice President Biden in 2020 by a margin of 5 and 9 points respectively, a Republican strategist who asked to remain anonymous stated that he “definitely” still felt optimistic that Laxalt could pull off a win despite these results.

“He ran a pretty impressive campaign,” said the analyst. I am acquainted with both Catherine and Adam, and I can say with confidence that Adam was the politician who possessed the largest Rolodex that I have ever seen. In addition, he was successful in every aspect of his campaign, including monetarily and in terms of endorsements.

“He’s actually running a very impressive campaign. I know both Catherine and Adam, and so Adam is the one politician that had the largest Rolodex that I’ve ever encountered, and he had everything going for him — financially, endorsement-wise. I mean, he had people who even don’t like each other endorse him. He had both Senator Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump. So I mean, that’s impressive,” Tarkanian, the former state GOP chairwoman, said.

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