Nephew Expresses Gratitude for Uncle's Recovery
Nephew Expresses Gratitude for Uncle's Recovery

Actor Jeremy Renner’s Nephew Expresses Gratitude for Uncle’s Recovery

Jeremy Renner, 52, is receiving support from his family as he recovers from his severe snowplow accident. On Wednesday, the action actor posted a touching letter penned by his nephew Auggie on his Instagram story.

“I am very lucky because my uncle is hawk-eye,” the note read. (Renner plays the superhero Hawkeye in the Marvel films.) “I am also very lucky that my uncle is alive from his accident.”

Renner captioned the letter, “Love my little man. Bless you, Auggie.” The 14,330-pound snowplow ran over the Marvel superhero on New Year’s Day, breaking nearly 30 of his bones.

Renner was reportedly crushed while attempting to stop the Pistenbully from running over his nephew, according to the incident report from the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office.

As Renner was spending the holiday with a large family, it’s unclear whether Auggie was the nephew. Renner is fortunate to be alive, according to the 911 call made at the scene of the collision.

The actor could be heard in the distance wailing in anguish as a neighbor called for assistance. “Are there any obvious injuries?” the 911 dispatcher asked.

Nephew Expresses Gratitude for Uncle's Recovery

“Oh my God, yes,” an unidentified man replied. “He says he’s got ribs issues… his right side… his right chest and upper-upper torso. His ribs look like they might be crushed. He’s got a head wound as well.”

Renner was in critical condition when he was evacuated to the hospital. According to his representative, he “suffered traumatic chest damage and orthopedic injuries” at the moment.

On social media, the Mayor of Kingstown actor has posted updates about his healing. He posted a picture of himself riding a stationary bike with the message, “Whatever it takes,” last month.

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The self-help and inspirational book The Book of Awakening: Living the Life You Want by Being Present to the Life You Have was featured with Renner’s statement that he is working on his “mental rehabilitation too” in a subsequent Instagram story.

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