Nearly 1,000 People Will Attend Rise Up NYC Event
Nearly 1,000 People Will Attend Rise Up NYC Event

Nearly 1,000 People Will Attend Rise Up NYC Event

Scores of East Shore Staten Islanders attended Thursday night’s NYC event in Midland Beach to enjoy a wonderful evening of the 1980s and 1990s music. Is it true that nearly 1000 people will attend the Rise Up NYC event this Thursday?

Music icons Lisa Lisa, best known for her 1985 hit “Can You Feel the Beat?,” and Shannon, best known for her 1983 hit “Let the Music Play,” performed during a concert in Lot 8 in Midland Beach. Aside from Lisette Melendez, who sang “Together Forever” in 1991, the lineup also featured Stevie B, who had a No. 1 with “Because I Love You (The Postman Song)” in 1990, as well as Corina, Soave, DJ Frankie Cutlass, and more.

A gathering of around a thousand people showed up for the event. There were still roughly 200 people in the queue to go through security an hour before the concert. It all started with Soave, who sang the ’88 smash ‘Crying Over You‘. Wearing a pink blazer and sparkly shoes, he looked stylish.

After that, Corina sang her smash hit “Give Back My Heart.” Next up was Lissette Melendez, who sang her chart-topping singles “Make Noise” and “Rise.” Shannon belted out in a black leather costume, backed by two dancers, “Let the music play.” The concert also featured Lisa Lisa and Stevie B.

Rise Up NYC Event
Rise Up NYC Event

Members of the audience who spoke to the SiLive said they were able to relive fond memories of the band’s music from their youth. The Russos, Lucy and Anthony, said they went to the freestyle concert on Thursday because they enjoy that genre.

‘This is my favorite song,’ said James Ryan, a resident of Midland Beach. I was raised on it! ” New Dorp’s Nanette Graziano put it, ” With summer winding down, “it was a fantastic night.”

As it was his birthday on Wednesday, Mayor Eric Adams made a brief appearance at the show. Lulu and Lala, hosts of WKTU 103.5, welcomed the mayor to the stage. Only around three minutes of his time were spent onstage. Onstage, the audience and the cast wished Adams a happy birthday.

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