Nashville Shooting Sees Three Men Dead, And A Few Injured

Nashville Shooting Sees Three Men Dead, And A Few Injured

On a Friday night after a shootout broke out in Nashville, leaving three youngsters dead and four others injured in an apartment, the Police Department reported.

The authorities were quick to take action around 10 o’clock at night as per records in the 2800 block of Torbett Street off 28th Avenue North. The neighborhood is located in the McKissack Park area, and the apartment was inside a single-story quad-plex.

The Metro Nashville PD tweeted about the incident, “Homicide Unit detectives are investigating what led to gunfire inside a Torbett St. apartment Fri. @ 9:45 pm that claimed the lives of 3 young men, 4 others inside the apt sustained non-life-threatening injuries. No signs of forced entry. 2 guns recovered.”

Police spokeswomen Kris Mumford informed that three men were declared at the scene. Others who were found injured at the scene also included a 13-year-old minor. They were rushed to Vanderbilt University Medical Center immediately the policewoman added.

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While inspecting the cause they found no evidence that there was a forced entry into the house. They also confiscated 2 guns from the house. The next day the victims’ identities had not been divulged.

The MNPD has told that the case comes under case investigation to ascertain the motive. Almost 100 people have succumbed to criminal homicide in the city. Last year as well the crime rate was around a similar number at 95 deaths.

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