Mudae Commands: Mudae Bot Discord Server Setup & List Of Commands!


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At the time of writing, the Mudae bot is a widely used Discord bot. There are more than 9 million discord servers that it is a part of when I say “enough.” For those who enjoy anime, manga, and/or video games, this is the best bot for you. And if you haven’t begun utilizing the bot and its Mudae commands yet, what are you waiting for?

Discord bots for catching waifus and husbandos are made better by the Mudae commands you may use with this one. The Mudae commands allow you to search for almost 40,000 husbando and waifu combinations. There are several similarities and some differences between Mudae Discord bot and the Karuta bot.

Translations of the bot may also be done using the Mudae commands provided by the bot itself. Even Discord pals can play games in this language.

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Mudae Bot Discord Server Setup

Adding the Mudae bot to your server isn’t much different from adding other bots to your server. A streamlined approach is what you’re looking for.

Step 1: Invite the Mudae bot to your Discord server before adding it to your server. It’s simple to do so through the official Mudae bot page.

In addition, you may directly invite Mudae bot using the website’s invite link. Also available on the Discord server.

Step 2: In the second step, you’ll be sent to the Discord server after clicking on your invite link. You’ll be asked to select a Discord server from the drop-down menu there. If you haven’t already done so, login into your server and then connect to your Discord server immediately.

Step 3: The third step is to add the Mudae bot to your Discord server once you’ve picked one of your choosing. Before you can proceed, you will be required to grant the essential permissions for your bot. If you don’t comprehend the scope of the permissions you’re giving the bot, don’t provide them.

The Discord bot’s settings allow you to make changes to permissions.

You need also join a Mudae bot support group in addition to the instructions listed above. If you’re having issues with the bot or Mudae commands, this support group is here to assist. Everyone in the group will do their best to assist you.

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Using Mudae commands and the Mudae bot

Mudae commands may be used to make husbandos and waifus appear in chat rooms once the bot has been installed on your Discord server. Claim your waifus and husbandos using Mudae bot instructions.mudae commands

Mudae commands

$waifus ($w): For those who aren’t familiar with the term, it stands for This is one of the most simple Mudae commands, and it will cast a random female character from an anime or video game on you. Additionally, you can marry female characters from anime ($wa) or video games ($wg).

$husbandos ($h): Another fundamental Mudae command, $husbandos ($h) allows you to generate a random male character from a video game or anime. It’s also possible to marry male characters from anime or video games ($ha or $hg).

$marry ($m): As one of Mudae’s most fundamental commands, $marry ($m) allows you to roll any random character from any video game or anime. Both waifus and husbandos may be found here.

Using the Mudae bot instructions, only 10 characters may be used to roll husbandos and waifus to marry.

Once you’ve rolled all ten characters, you may choose from a selection of emojis in the lower-left corner of the screen.
When you click on an emoji, you’re instantly committed to a certain character.
When you’ve rolled up ten characters, you may not want to marry any of them at all.

Thereafter, you’ll be required to wait for 30 minutes, which is known as the cooling time.
To choose the waifus and husbandos of your choice, you can use the Mudae instructions once 30 minutes have passed.
Due to a time constraint, you cannot claim all of the husbandos and waifus using mudae orders. Three hours is the maximum amount of time that may be discussed. No one else may claim your husbandos and waifus at this period.

You may get 15 waifus by using the Mudae instructions, and the bot will rank them according to their popularity and the points associated with them.

The most popular lists on the Discord channel will be those with the greatest number of points. In addition, the Mudae commands may be used to access five mini-games.

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Mudae Bot Commands List

Harem Arrangement:

$mymarry is a list of your marriage-related triumphs.
$marryexchange: Characters are exchanged with the player whose name is mentioned.
$give: Make a donation to the player named (limited)
$firstmarry: Make a character change.
$sortmarry: Sort your characters into groups of three.
Using $divorce, you may divorce a character.
$profile: Shows the information about your server.


A character can be searched for using $infomarry. For instance: $im Rem
$infomarrya: Look for a television show to watch.
A number of remaining characters on your server.
Using the $note command, use $fn to search for notes in your harem.
$fnall: Locate all notes in the server’s harems.
Characters in the top 1,000. Alternately, the $top Rank #rank>
Character rank of the server.

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