Motorola Rollable Phone

Motorola Presents A Prototype Of Its Rollable Idea

We’ve seen rollable gadget prototypes from firms like Oppo and TCL and LG was even working on a rollable smartphone for commercial use until it stopped developing mobile devices a year ago. Now Lenovo is demonstrating a laptop with a rollout display, while its mobile company Motorola has a rollout smartphone. Both of these products appear to be some of the most practical attempts to date in this area.

The height of the phone is initially a very manageable 4 inches, but with the push of a button, the OLED display can be expanded to a size more typical of a smartphone (6.5 inches). With one more click, the phone can be returned to its previous configuration. Both sizes are usable, and the material on the screen may be adjusted to fit the available space. This includes the home screen, videos, and other content, as can be seen in the example below.

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In addition, Lenovo demonstrated a rollable laptop that starts out with a standard landscape display but can be rolled up into a square shape. This makes the device more suitable for viewing documents or videos in the vertical TikTok format.

Motorola Rollable Phone

In the video, Lenovo’s Vice President of Design Brian Leonard explains that this is part of the company’s study into unusual form factors, which began with the laptop/tablet hybrid known as the ThinkPad 360P. “It may expand into a lot larger screen real estate as the material automatically adjusts to the screen, allowing individuals an unparalleled means of hyper-tasking for work, browsing, and other purposes,” he stated. “It’s like having two screens in one.”

There is already a folding smartphone on the market from Motorola called the Razr, but it is not sold in China. This new device is not comparable to the Razr. However, it appears that people adore rollable notions; for instance, LG’s rollable OLED TV was a popular item at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

In addition, there are no hinges or creases to worry about with a rolling screen, making it more aesthetically pleasing than a folding screen in certain respects. Even while it is still very much in the realm of concepts at the moment, we really hope that Lenovo will try its hand at commercializing it.

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