The Monsters Inc Covid 19 Meme Explained – TikTok has the answer!

Monsters Inc Covid 19 Meme

The pandemic of Covid 19 (Coronavirus) is linked to a scene from a movie that was shown in 2002 by Pixar. And they are not wrong.

TV and movies are like Covid 19 in that they have many similarities.

The virus has been officially labelled as a global pandemic by WHO. Stores are running out of necessary supplies and even the Simpsons predicted it in 2007.

Wow. That is really surprising.

Now attention has turned to a scene from Monsters Inc where Covid 19 slips into the framework of the drama with uncanny fashion.

Monsters Inc: We’ve Got A 23-19-

In 2002, Monsters Inc. Mike and Sully almost got in trouble at the Scare Factory. They were lucky and they didn’t get caught because a sock was left on one of the professional floor scarers.

The call we got was about George Sanderson. He is being taken away by a child protection agent in a yellow suit.

According to trivia websites, the reason for calling a 23-19 alert a white sock is because the numbers refer to letters W and S, which stand for ‘White Sock.’


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Monsters Inc Covid 19 Meme Explained-

In this sentence, the word ‘tie’ replaces ’23’. The word ’19’ replaces the words Covid and Monsters.

People say that when they see a white sock on Covid 19, it reminds them of the movie Monsters Inc. In the movie, people get very scared.

One user says that many people in England react the same way Harry Potter does when someone sneezes or coughs in public.

This content could not be loaded When someone coughs or sneezes, I’m going to start shouting we have a 2319, throw a hazmat suit on and tackle them #coronavirus #COVIDー19 #MONSTERSINC — Slautman (@slautman18) March 11, 2020

Health officials have confirmed that there is a disease in the area. They said that people should not be scared and they should stay calm.

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Monsters Inc: Covid 19 On TikTok-

Some people say that Monstra is like Coronavirus.

He faced pressure from fans for not responding to questions about his ability to win the Formula 1.

In conclusion, there are many things to do on work-at-home days. The horror movie ‘Gaia’ is available on Netflix and Amazon Prime. It is also available on HBO Max.

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