Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Is Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Available Now? Is there Any Bug In The Game Remained?

After a long delay, Capcom has finally released Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. This update brings the game version up to 11.0.2.

A brief social media explanation states that this patch addresses difficulties with the game’s loadout system and “other” random flaws. If you want to keep playing online, you’ll need to update to the latest version, as usual. For a complete breakdown, please see below:

Title Update 1 for Monster Hunter Rising: Sunbreak

In the first major content patch, scheduled to release in August 2022, players will be able to experience new areas like the Forlorn Arena and encounter unique creatures like the Lucent Nargacuga and Seething Bazelgeuse.

The legendary Lucent Nargacuga originally appeared in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, when its invisibility and lightning-fast strikes made short work of the Hunters. Seething Bazelgeuse goes for a more explosive playstyle, while Lucent Nargacuga goes for speed and stealth.

When they finally make their Sunbreak appearance, these monsters will present a formidable challenge due to the high quality of their armor sets and weaponry.

But that’s not all; Capcom has also stated that they would be including extra material relating to Anomaly Research. In addition, Hunters can use Qurious Crafting to improve their armor with brand-new materials.

Player Bugs

We’ve fixed a bug that might occur when saving a loadout that includes a weapon with a Rampage Decoration, then reverting that weapon’s upgrade and trying to use it. Fix an issue where augmenting armor might sometimes fail to take effect after taking certain actions while enhancing a weapon.

When modifying the search parameters for an Anomaly Investigation, the minimum level value will no longer be updated if the new target falls within the range of tunable parameters.

Is Monster Hunter Rising: Sunbreak Available?

Title Update 2 for Monster Hunter: Rise, Sunbreak will be released in late September 2022 for PC (through Steam) and Nintendo Switch (via Nintendo Switch).

Is Monster Hunter Rising: Sunbreak a Downloadable Add-on Content?

Capcom has announced the upcoming downloadable content for Monster Hunter: Rise, titled Sunbreak. The expansion, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, has significantly expanded the original game’s features.


The bug where joining another player’s Anomaly Investigation for a creature you haven’t unlocked would give you that investigation as an “unauthorized task” has been fixed.

Resolved an issue that might occasionally prevent harvesting from taking place during an Anomaly Search. We’ve resolved an issue where Anomaly Investigations that had many players from the same lobby join them wouldn’t show up in the Join Requests search results.

When anti-aliasing is disabled or set to “FXAA,” facial and body hair on characters and monsters are rendered accurately. Various other bugs have been fixed, as well.

Capcom just released the first teaser for the upcoming free DLC update, Sunbreak, which will include the Flaming Espinas.

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