Minneapolis’ Panopticon Ballot Question Is A Testament For The New Norms Of Policing Despite A Loss

Minneapolis’ Panopticon Ballot Question Is A Testament For The New Norms Of Policing Despite A Loss

Thanks to the efforts of the campaign, ‘Yes 4 Minneapolis’ which proposed the ballot initiative to replace the ‘Minneapolis Police Department’, with ‘Department of Public Safety (DPS) this Ballot is now popularly termed as Question 2.

It would have led to the removal of the minimum funding for the police department, as well as the appointment of a DPS Commissioner, approved by the Mayor and City Council. With 56.17% against the proposal it was not adopted, however, it has sparked a debate in this direction.

Activists in support of policy reforms and putting an end on police brutality can be seen in public places, as well as citizens joining hands, as well as inviting community investment.
It was a debate kindled by the passing away of George Floyd about 18 months ago, who suffered police brutality owing to his racial profile, in the same state. With all eyes on the reform, throughout the country, food for thought has been circulated about a change in the status quo of law enforcement bodies, even though the proposal did not go through.

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The proposal came through when ground-level organizers posed the theoretical reform in form of a policy change expecting concrete action. The metamorphosis of the Policing system now seems inevitable, as the popular belief is now the investment in public safety, and not allowing more cloudy laws to allow them greater discretion.

They also looked to add enhancements in the form of mental health services, social work, encouraging community services, and look after of the homeless. They also believed in working with offenders, as well as keeping minimal room for trained police officers.
It shall also in the future affect the budgetary allocation that the department currently gets, and shall maintain an eagle’s eye on its expenditure.

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