mina starsiak hawk plastic surgery
mina starsiak hawk plastic surgery

Did The Good Bones Star, Mina Starsiak Hawk, Get Plastic Surgery ?

Due to the show’s popularity with families, Hawk and her family are used to having many jobs and career opportunities every year. So, she has become a well-known name, and hundreds of thousands of fans follow her on social media. At the same time, a part of her fame once made people look at her very closely and call her out.

HGTV Actress Mina Starsiak Hawk Plastic Surgery Update

Mina Starsiak Hawk, a well-known real estate expert on HGTV, made the difficult decision to undergo extensive plastic surgery following the completion of her pregnancy. During an interview from the previous year, Hawk disclosed that she had breast implants, a liposuction procedure, and a tummy tuck performed in December 2020. The HGTV personality is pleased and confident in her choice, even though others refer to it as the “mother makeover” package.

The host of “Good Bones” had acquired diastasis recti due to her subsequent pregnancies, resulting in a gap of approximately eleven centimeters (4.5 inches) between her abdominal muscles. As a result, the article stated that she pushed others to do the same things that made her feel stronger and more confident while encouraging others to do the same.

“Do whatever it is that makes YOU happy. Sometimes you just have to put yourself first, “The magazine and her viewers, Mina explained. The former TV real estate magnate turned novelist is pleased with her metamorphosis and the arrival of her children now that more than a year has elapsed since their birth.

Before And After Photos Of Mina Starsiak Hawk’s Weight Loss

Even though Starsiak Hawk has been transparent about the medical assistance she sought to modify her body, she has nonetheless been criticized for her decisions. The star of “Good Bones” responded to a negative direct message by stating that, in addition to the operations she had undergone, she had also been on a weight loss journey for the past six months.

Therefore, the credit for her beautiful figure not only belongs to the three surgeries that she’s had but also to the dedication that she’s shown to her physical fitness routine. According to an article published in Daily Mail UK in 2021, the creative housewife had developed a fresh perspective on her physical health and shifted her attention to her professional and personal growth.

In the meantime, she argued that she had made the changes for herself, while also urging others to adopt an effective strategy for them. Her profile on various social media platforms, most notably Instagram, is loaded with videos that show her engaging in an exhausting yet invigorating training routine.


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What is Mina Starsiak’s Net Worth?

It has been estimated that Mina Starsiak Hawk has a net worth of $2 million by Michigan Sports Zone. Her work on HGTV and the home renovations she does for Two Chicks and a Hammer are critical contributors to the financial success of her business.

After considering everything, her net worth looks to be within an acceptable range; however, we believe that it will expand over the next years as she pursues new opportunities.

mina starsiak hawk plastic surgery

According to reports, Mina supposedly receives between $10,000 and $20,000 for each episode of Good Bones. This information comes from the show’s producers. Despite this, she has been seen on HGTV several times. The mother of two appeared in the television shows Rock the Block, Battle on the Beach, and A Very Brady Renovation.

Additionally, the design guru has written books and had them published! Mina penned the children’s book Built Together at the beginning of 2021. The book teaches young readers about the importance of family via the lens of construction-related issues.

How Does She Make Her Money?

Mina was worried about her life after college because she didn’t know what to do. At the time, she worked as a waitress to pay her bills. During this time, Mina decided to take a chance and buy a $37,000 house with her mother, Karen. Together, they finished fixing up the house, proving that they were meant to do it. Today, they own the remodeling company Two Chicks and a Hammer Inc. in Indianapolis.

Their business was so successful that HGTV’s new show, Good Bones, which was looking for reality shows, let them show some of the renovation work they did. Since then, mother and daughter have not turned back. They still have an excellent overall rating because they continue to teach and entertain their audience about home improvement and repair.

But Mina is a woman with many different sides. She writes books as well. She worked on the book for kids, Built Together, for two years. Mina has also been on the shows Rock the Block and A Very Brady Renovation. Her participation in these shows is why her net worth has grown.

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