Midterm Elections Of 2022
Midterm Elections Of 2022

Meet The People Who Will Make History In The Midterm Elections Of 2022

The 2022 midterms were all about the fight for control of Congress, governorships, and other key positions at the state level.

In Washington, Republicans have been trying to win one or both chambers of Congress to break the Democrats’ three-peat. In battleground states, Democrats are trying to protect governors who are vulnerable and win important races further down the ballot that could be key in future elections.

Before Election Day, both parties were also trying to get more people from different backgrounds to run for office, both in Congress and elsewhere. Republicans were happy to add more women governors to their team and get more Latinos elected to the US House.

Democrats wanted to add more Black people to the US Senate and make it easier for LGBTQ people to be governors. Both parties also wanted to get their first members of Congress who were born after 1996. This group is called Generation Z.

The election results are still trickling in, so the winners of many races won’t be known for days or even weeks at the earliest. However, for the time being, here is a look at the candidates that I believe will make history in the midterm elections of 2022.

This list will be updated if there are new predictions of winners.


Alabama AL-SEN: Republican estimates that Katie Britt will become the first female senator elected from the state of Alabama. Britt will win an open seat election to succeed her former employer, Republican Senator Richard Shelby, who is retiring. A former chief executive officer of the Business Council of Alabama, Britt was widely considered to be the most likely candidate to win the general election in the staunchly conservative state of Alabama. In the past, Alabama has been represented in the Senate by two different women; however, both of these women were nominated to fill vacancies.


Republican Sarah Huckabee Sanders will become the first woman elected governor of Arkansas. Sanders would succeed her father, Mike Huckabee, who served as governor of Arkansas for nearly a decade. Sanders is running on the Republican ticket. Sanders, who established a national reputation in her job as press secretary in the Trump White House, is also the only daughter in the history of the United States to serve as the governor of the same state that her father formerly governed. Sanders’s father was the former governor of Vermont.

Midterm Elections Of 2022


Democrat Maxwell Frost will become the first member of Generation Z to be elected to Congress if he is successful in winning the election for the open seat in Florida’s 10th Congressional District. Those born after the year 1996 are referred to as Generation Z. Frost will take over for the Democratic incumbent Val Demings, who resigned to run for the Senate.


Democratic Governor of Maryland (MD-GOV) Wes Moore will become the first Black person to be elected governor of Maryland, becoming only the third Black person to be elected governor in the history of the United States. Moore, a longtime executive for a charity organisation and a veteran of the Army, will succeed Republican Governor Larry Hogan, whose term as governor is coming to an end.

MD-AG:  Anthony Brown will make history in Maryland by becoming the first Black person ever elected to the office of attorney general. Brown, who is currently the representative for Maryland’s 5th Congressional District and has been a mainstay in state politics for a very long time, served as lieutenant governor of the state, was a member of the state House of Delegates, and ran for governor of the state in 2014.


Democrat Maura Healey will become the first gay woman to hold the office of governor in the history of the United States if she is successful in her bid to win an open seat for the governorship of Massachusetts. Healey, who is now serving as Attorney General of Massachusetts, will also become the first elected female Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


Markwayne Mullin will become the first Native American senator from Oklahoma in almost a hundred years if he wins the special election to succeed Republican Sen. Jim Inhofe, who will be departing in January. The seat is now held by Inhofe. Currently serving as the representative for Georgia’s 2nd Congressional District, Mullin is an enrolled member of the Cherokee Nation. Robert Owen, a Democrat and a member of the Cherokee Nation, served as Oklahoma’s senator from 1907 until 1925. He held this seat from Oklahoma.


Democrat Summer Lee will become the first Black woman elected to Congress from the state of Pennsylvania if she wins the election for the 12th Congressional District in the state’s Pennsylvania PA-12 district. A state representative from the Pittsburgh area, Lee will take over for retiring Democratic Representative Mike Doyle.


Democratic candidate for Vermont’s at-large congressional district, Becca Balint, will become the first woman ever elected to Congress from the state of Vermont. Because of Balint’s victory, Vermont will no longer hold the distinction of being the only state in the United States that has never elected a woman to Congress. In addition to becoming the first openly gay or lesbian person to be elected to Congress from Vermont, Balint is also the current president pro tempore of the state Senate.

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