Midterm Election results 2022
Midterm Election results 2022

Midterm Election results 2022: Molinaro And Webb Have Slight Leads, But Lewis Is Ahead For Mayor Of Ithaca

As results come in throughout the night, they will be added to this page. When the mail-in ballots are counted a week after Election Day, the official results will be known.

Update: As of 11:50 p.m., Tompkins County has posted the results of absentee ballots, early voting, and voting on Election Day. Votes sent in by mail have not yet been counted.


It’s time for midterms again, and we’ll keep this page updated as results come in throughout the night. As usual, Tompkins County election results are not likely to be known until after 10 p.m. Mail-in ballots won’t be counted until next week, so none of the results posted tonight will be official.

However, we should be able to tell if there are enough mail-in ballots to change any races. Absentee ballots and early voting numbers have been added to the totals for tonight. According to the New York State Board of Elections and the Tompkins County Board of Elections, the numbers below are correct.

Midterm Election results in 2022

Governor Of New York (71% Of Reports)* Kathy Hochul And Antonio Delgado Have Been Chosen To Run In This Race.

Candidates Overall vote Tompkins County vote
Kathy Hochul and Antonio Delgado (D, WFP) 55.19% (2,369,629 votes) 71.98% (24,266)
Lee Zeldin and Alison Esposito (R, Conservative) 38.81% (1,885,532 votes) 27.80% (9,371)

New York State Comptroller (71% reporting)

Candidates Overall vote Tompkins County vote
Thomas DiNapoli (D, WFP) 57.71% (2,477,741) 74.26% (24,778)
Paul Rodriguez (R, Conservative) 38.97% (1,673,277) 25.69% (8,570)

Attorney General Of New York (61% Reporting) Ag Letitia James Won This Race

Candidates Overall vote Tompkins County vote
Michael Henry (R, Conservative) 41.66% (1,788,961) 27.31% (9,122)
Letitia James (D, WFP) 55.67% (2,390,261) 72.63% (24,259)


Cnn Has Called This Race For Sen. Chuck Schumer (61% Reporting) (D, Wfp)

Candidates Overall vote Tompkins County vote
Joe Pinion (R, Conservative) 37.27% (1,315,936) 25.96% (8,696)
Chuck Schumer (D, WFP) 60.16% (2,124,353) 73.29% (24,554)
Diane Sare (LaRouche party) 0.47% (16,422) 0.66% (221)

NY 19th Congressional District (100% reporting)

Marc Molinaro declared victory around midnight and maintains a relatively substantial lead (in the context of a 6,100 vote lead with just a small portion of votes, primarily mail-in ballots, left to count), but Josh Riley said afterwards that he will not be conceding the election until the absentee ballots are counted.

This is because the majority of the votes that remain to be counted are on mail-in ballots. As of two in the morning, major news organisations had not predicted the outcome of this election in either direction.

Candidates Overall vote Tompkins County vote
Marc Molinaro (R, Conservative) 50.25% (142,653) 26.69% (8,942)
Josh Riley (D, WFP) 48.07% (136,468) 73.28% (24,553)


New York State Senate, 52nd District (100% reporting)

Lea Webb, the Democrat, has already called this race a win, but Rich David told WSKG’s Vaughn Golden at 1 a.m. that he will not yet give up the race. All votes have been counted except for mail-in and absentee ballots that haven’t been received yet. The difference is only 1,455 votes.

Candidates Overall vote Tompkins County vote
Rich David (R, Conservative) 48.41% (50,168) 28.41% (9,498)
Lea Webb (D, WFP) 49.82% (51,623) 71.54% (23,917)


New York State Assembly, 125th District

Candidates Overall vote Tompkins County vote
Anna Kelly (D, WFP) 72.54% (30,808) 99.46% (25,854)

Mayor of Ithaca (100% reporting)

(Winner will hold office for one year to finish Svante Myrick’s term)

Candidate Overall vote
Laura Lewis (D) 65.33% (3,816)
Katie Sims (Progressive) 25.32% (1,479)
Zachary Winn (R) 8.61% (503)
Write-in votes 0.74% (43)

Tompkins County Clerk (100% reporting)

Candidate Overall vote
Maureen K. Reynolds (D, R) 99.78% (30,836)
Reynolds is unopposed for this election.

Tompkins County Sheriff (100% reporting)

Candidate Overall vote
Derek Osborne (D, R) 99.49% (30,316)

City of Ithaca Common Council, Ward 4 (100% reporting)

(Special election to fill Steve Smith’s vacated seat for one year)


Dryden Town Justice (100% reporting)

Candidate Overall vote
Jules Ravo (D) 99.55% (3,918)
Ravo is unopposed for this election.

Groton Town Justice (100% reporting)

Candidate Overall vote
Randy N. Jackson (R) 98.87% (1,486)
Jackson is unopposed for this election.

Lansing Highway Superintendent (100% reporting)

Candidate Overall vote
Michael Moseley (R) 98.91% (2,904)
Mosely is unopposed for this election, which is a one-year term to fill a vacancy.

Lansing Town Justice (100% reporting)

Candidate Overall vote
Maura A. Kennedy-Smith (D) 99.25% (3,443)
Kennedy-Smith is unopposed for this election.

Ulysses Town Councilperson (100% reporting)

Candidate Overall vote
Elizabeth J. Weatherby (D) 99.55% (2,001)
Weatherby is running unopposed for this election.

Proposal One: Clean Water, Clean Air, and Green Jobs Environmental Bond Act of 2022

Answer Overall vote Tompkins County vote
Yes 60.28% (2,588,399) 77.77% (24,873)
No 27.69% (1,188,931) 22.23% (7,108)

Proposal Two: Creating a City Manager position in Ithaca (100% reporting)

Answer Overall Vote
Yes 78.96% (4,380)
No 21.04% (1,167)

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