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Michelle Yeoh to Star in Star Trek Section 31 Movie

Michelle Yeoh to Star in Star Trek Section 31 Movie

Michelle Yeoh to Star in Star Trek Section 31 Movie

The eagerly awaited Section 31 Star Trek: Discovery spin-off has been given the go-ahead as an original film venture, and Michelle Yeoh, the Oscar winner, will reprise her role.

Yeoh will reprise her role as Emperor Philippa Georgiou in the upcoming Paramount+ film Star Trek: Section 31. CBS Studios will produce the film, which will start filming later this year.

I’m beyond pleased to return to my Star Trek family and to the character I’ve loved for so long, said Yeoh of her homecoming. Since I started the voyage of playing Philippa back when this new golden age of “Star Trek” premiered, Section 31 has held a special place in my heart.

An entire year has taught me the wonderful power of never giving up on your aspirations, so to see her finally receive her moment is a dream come true. If Emperor Georgiou doesn’t order differently, live long and prosper until we can disclose what’s in store for you.

For quite some time, Section 31 had been mentioned as a potential spinoff series that would follow Yeoh’s Discovery character.

Georgiou, both from the past and from a mirror world, was transported returned to their original time period for her own safety at the beginning of the show’s third season, after the ship had jumped almost 900 years into the future.

Yeoh’s return to Star Trek after her historic Oscar victory is absolutely amazing, and executive producer Alex Kurtzman expressed a similar sentiment along with the recent news.

“All the way back in 2017, before the first season of Star Trek: Discovery had even aired, Michelle had the idea to do a spin-off for her character, Philippa Georgiou.

She broke new ground as one of the first two women on screen in the pilot to usher in a new age of ‘Trek,’ Now, six years later, Star Trek: Section 31 finally arrives on the heels of her latest groundbreaking win.

Everyone on Team ‘Trek’ couldn’t be more thrilled to have our legendary friend return home to us as we expand our storytelling into new and uncharted corners of the Trekverse. Long live Emperor Georgiou; long live Michelle Yeoh!”

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Paramount+ will release other Star Trek films in the upcoming years and months in addition to this one. The brand is expanding week by week, even though its first two shows end with Star Trek: Discovery’s series finale airing later this week and Discovery’s last season set to premiere in early 2024.

Before their upcoming seasons, which are scheduled to premiere this summer, it was revealed that Strange New Worlds and Lower Decks had both been renewed for additional seasons. A Star Trek: Starfleet Academy series that will follow a fresh batch of trainees was also just announced by Paramount+.

In addition, many fans are pushing for a Picard spinoff called Star Trek: Legacy, which would follow Jack Crusher (Ed Speleers), Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan), and the next cast of The Next Generation, even though nothing has been made official at Paramount.

On April 20, Paramount+ will offer Star Trek: Picard’s season finale. In the interim, you may read the official Star Trek: Section 31 synopsis below and scroll down to see our most recent interview with Yeoh. Keep checking Collider for more Star Trek-related news.

Emperor Philippa Georgiou confronts her previous transgressions when she joins a covert Starfleet unit entrusted with guarding the United Federation of Planets in Star Trek: Section 31.

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